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  • Forum Suggestion - Quoting

    Hello everyone, this suggestion is to make the Quoting System easier

    I want to make the Quote buttom just to copy and automatically paste on your post, because sometimes you want to make many quotes in one reply, and you have to edit it after every quote

    If you don't got it, I'm giving an example:

    You are writing something, and you want to quote someone, so you press the quote buttom.. after some seconds, you want to quote other message, but the quote buttom doesn't work anymor

    So that's it, just a suggestion to make easier the Quoting System, because as I said, you have to post the reply, then quote again, copy the quote, and paste it on the reply again and again

    I hope you understood my suggestion! I'm not that good explaining in english

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    It's not hard to quote multiple people at the same time. Just copy paste the other message you want to quote. Then add [QU0TE=NameOfDudeYouWannaQuote] in front of the message you pasted and then add a [/QUOTE] at the end of the message.

    EDIT: This feature is already available in this version of vBulletin.

    Click Quote in each post that you want to respond to, on the "Post Reply" button and it should say "Post Reply (Number of posts you have quoted). Simply click this button and go back on your response and it should all be there.

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      26th November 2017:
      [23:27:43] <@GX-20> [12] TP Chat Robo_N1X: when quoting multiple post, you just have to click "quote" on every post then click "Post reply" button
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