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[Read] How to suggest your own Race?

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  • [Read] How to suggest your own Race?

    Do you have an idea for a race that you think would be cool? Suggest it here in this topic and if we're impressed you will see it in game!

    Normal race or air race can be made with maximum time of 10 minutes and 99 checkpoints.

    To do so, please post here with the following example format:

    Name: Delija
    Vehicle: Infernus
    Start: /GR10
    Checkpoints: 20-30
    Objects/Picture/Video: /LPOS DelijaRace

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    The new GamerX v4.5.4a update (February the 12th 2017) (Link here) allows us to race in the Virtual World number 50.

    * Updated the race code so races take place in the virtual world 50
    Due to that, avoid to suggest creating a new race on GamerX streamed objects because those objects are streamed in Virtual World 0 and we don't race in that world anymore, I hope you all understand.

    Edit: Races are now set back to Virtual World 0 and you can submit player objects for your races.
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