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  • Apply For Trusted Player ! :)

    Username: HER0000
    Any previous names: HER0000
    Registered: 2017
    IRC Nickname (if any): HER0000
    Time spent in-game (hours): 800 h

    This is second time i am posting for trusted player. I have forgotten my old game nickname and my many cash is in that account so,I need help.This time I meet all the requirements perfectly.
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    Although you meet all primary requirements, you have some gaps. Your forum activity is poor, you have not contributed at all on forums with any useful posts. The other thing that bugs me is your activity, I haven't seen you much around (Possibly timezones). Give yourself some more time around.

    My vote is negative. Better luck next time


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      Originally posted by Hero View Post

      This is second time i am posting for trusted player.
      3rd time actually______________________

      • You must have an acceptable amount of online time: more than 100 hours on the account you apply with (you can see your online time using the /track or /track2 command in-game)
      [16:28:26] <@Charger> !stats HER0000
      [16:28:26] <@GX-02> ** HER0000's GamerX v4 Stats...
      [16:28:26] <@GX-03> * Level: 1 - Last Login: 2017-11-27 16:00:57 - Last Logout: 2017-11-27 16:27:00 - Ingame: No
      [16:28:26] <@GX-04> * Kills: 107 - Admin Kills: 0 - Deaths: 34 - Money: $182831663
      [16:28:26] <@GX-05> * Road Tripper: Yes - Account Banned: No -
      [16:28:26] <@GX-06> * Cookies: 1 - Cakes: 0 - Biscuits: 2 - Icecreams: 0
      [16:28:26] <@GX-07> * Time Spent Ingame: 164 minutes ( minutes)
      [16:28:26] <@GX-08> * Banked Money: $0 - Races Won 0 - Donator : 0 days
      [16:28:26] <@GX-09> * View Detailed Stats:
      You don't even meet the primary requirements, and you shouldn't lie in a Trusted Player Application.


      Your last TP applicaiton click here.

      Quote Izayoi's words:

      Denied, make sure you meet the requirements before posting.
      You may reapply on 8th December 2017.
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        Denied, make sure you meet the requirements before posting.
        Don't post applications until 28th January 2018 or you will be banned from TP section.


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