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My 3rd Trusted player Application..!

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  • My 3rd Trusted player Application..!

    Username: [SM]TalktiveEyes
    Any previous names: N/A
    Registered: 2012
    IRC Nickname (if any):N/A
    Time spent in-game (hours): 503.86 hours/30232 minutes!
    I hope i want one chance...!

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    Why do you think you can get TP status after coming back from long activity. You are not a helpful player at all and you don't report at all, no forum help - obviously because you haven't even been active to do these things. Useless.

    No from me obviously.

    Deux Sept - 2 7


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      You saw the requirements topic? You are not registered on IRC and about Discord i'm not even sure as you already changed the format in your style.

      Where is discord username etc? Post in correct format please which is this.

      Username: [Ez]
      Any previous names: [CP]Ez
      Registered: 2008
      IRC Nickname (if any): Ez
      Discord Username/Discriminator Tag: Ez
      Time spent in-game (hours): 451 h

      Read the requirements topic:
      Also, you are one of the biggest ASSLICKERS in GamerX. You just came back from inactivity. Also very annoying. Your behaviour is also not good. Actually in short you are really bad in everything except in one thing sometime you do help a bit players.

      1. PM from [SM]TalktiveEyes (ID:23) to Muaaz (ID:22): ap mujsy naraz to nai na?
      Meaning: you are not offended right?

      PM from Muaaz (ID:22) to [SM]TalktiveEyes (ID:23): Why should i

      2. PM from [SM]TalktiveEyes (ID:5) to Muaaz (ID:40): sach batain ap naraz to nai na please once again sorry!!!
      Meaning: Tell truth you are not offended right? And once again i'm sorry.

      PM from Muaaz (ID:40) to [SM]TalktiveEyes (ID:5): lol nahi hoon its ok
      Meaning: there is no problem, i'm not offended or angry etc with you.

      3. PM from [SM]TalktiveEyes (ID:5) to Muaaz (ID:40): thank god

      Yes thank GOD, too caring haunh? just because you want Vote from me?

      4. [3] [SM]TalktiveEyes: muaaz sir

      [4] Muaaz: Please i don't like get called as "Sir" @Talkativeeyes i told you many times again saying
      [4] Muaaz: i'm still same old Muaaz so no need to call me Sir after admin shadmin lol

      5. PM from [SM]TalktiveEyes (ID:23) to Muaaz (ID:46): okay as u say my dear admin!

      Yes, Yes Your dear admin will expose you. So next time people will think 100 times before ASSLICKING Admins Specially Muaaz.

      This is just some logs. I want to keep things simple and short not too much big essay, which kinda already happend i guess. But anyways you are Immature, Annoying, Asslicker, Inpatient.

      There is no place for ASSLICKERS, i strictly dislike this thing. If you want Muaaz's vote you must believe in hardwork then Asslicking.

      No from me, you need to work alot on yourself.
      Last edited by Muaaz; 14-04-18, 06:43 PM.


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        Denied, You may reapply on 17th May 2018.


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