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  • Clan still active

    Well I saw Stefan's thread about the Clash Royal clan and I just wanted to say that the Clash of Clans clan is also still alive.

    I am not ready to let the clan die. This is the last place in GX I am still active and it would be a shame if I have to leave, so I was thinking if enough of you return I can start wars again. I have a second account so at least 2 accounts are ready for war. I know a lot of you just stopped playing the game or went to other clans due to inactivity of most of our members.

    Actually I will be willing to spend some money, SO IF ENOUGH PEOPLE RETURN I am willing to buy bundle gems(there is a new offer from time to time where you can buy gems and donate them) and reward the people that use both attacks from time to time.

    Edit: I just started the 1st war of a very very long time. WAR TIME IS ON

    Edit: also EVERYONE IS FREE TO JOIN, if I kicked any of u it was for being inactive. FEEL FREE TO JOIN ANY TIME...
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    Clash of Clans

    Alright as you guys may have seen the clan is still up and running and everyone is allowed to join the clan so you can join today!

    About the wars:

    The clan wars are not going that well nowadays due to a lack of acitve war members, not every attack is getting used by everyone wich is kinda sad so that's why the GamerX Clash of Clans clan needs active and experienced war members, you may also be a new member but as long as you are active in the clan wars we need you!

    About the clan itself:

    The clan is kinda dying, people are asking for specific troops wich they do NOT get, this has to change so everyone who asks for a specific troop such as a P.E.K.K.A. has to get a P.EK.K.A. instead of getting wizzard wich he/she did not asked for. Beside, people are getting inactive due to school so we need new and active members so join our clan today!

    I personally will be announcing every single oncoming clan war so we can prepare ourselves on the wars in the hope we'll win it!

    I hope we'll see lots of you in our clan soon! Clash on clashers!

    Clan code: #8GVV8YJY
    Clan name: GamerX
    Clan flag: Black with an yellow 'Y'
    Clan level: 4

    For more information abouut the GamerX clan feel free to PM me or Seven_Of_Nine or join the IRC channel #Gamerx-coc and ask us your question(s)!
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