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Attacking and defending in Clan Wars

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  • Attacking and defending in Clan Wars

    With the new Clan Wars update, it is no longer the goal to get war loot in Clan Wars. Now there are two main goals:

    1. Level up the clan so we can get clan perks
    2. Win as many wars as we can to level up faster and attract better members

    Doing these, will make our clan better in the sense that we will be able to win more wars, get better clan castle troops, and, therefore win more attacks. In doing so, we will be able to obtain more loot as a result of the improved benefits.

    To achieve these, we must know how to attack and defend in Clan Wars. Defenses are just as important as attacks because if your base is easy to three-star, it just makes it easier for the enemy to win the clan war.


    Clan Castle
    Your most powerful defense, believe it or not, is your Clan Castle! If you strategically place your clan castle, it will be able to deal incredible amounts of damage to the enemy. This is why it is important to protect your clan castle just as much as your Town Hall.

    The best thing you can do is to place your clan castle as close to the middle of the base as you can, and to make it as hard as you can for the enemy to lure out the clan castle troops and kill them. Doing this will force the enemy to deploy their troops and this will allow the clan castle troops to wreck havoc on the enemy.

    Defensive Buildings
    A good strategy is to place defenses in a symmetrical way. For instance, if you have three wizard towers, make them form a triangle; if you have four wizard towers, make them form a square. I have found that the best way to arrange defenses is to put wizard towers, air defenses, and mortars closer to the middle; and to put archer towers and cannons near the edge of the base but inside the walls.

    Some basic tings to avoid:

    • Do not put a wizard tower next to a mortar (this makes them both vulnerable to lightning spells).
    • Do not put air defenses close to the edges of the base (this makes the base vulnerable to dragon attacks).

    Walls are important because they slow down the enemy(citation needed). This is why arranging walls in a strategic manner is also important. Try to arrange them in a symmetrical manner and try not to have many defenses in one pocket. The goal here is to make the enemy have to break through many walls in order to get to the core of the base.

    Some basic things to avoid:
    • Do not make walls form a four-way intersection, in other words, do not make them form a cross (+).
    • Do not make your base square-shaped.

    Like the clan castle, heroes are capable of dealing a lot of damage, this is why it is important to make them hard to lure and to put them as close to the middle of the base as you can.

    When attacking, try to figure out the best way to three star the base, look for weaknesses in the base and look for the clan castle.

    Lure out the clan castle
    As stated before, the clan castle is the strongest defense in any base. This is why it's important to disable it without sacrificing many troops. To do this, deploy a few troops close to the clan castle to lure the troops out. After all the troops are out of the clan castle, deploy a few troops to lure the castle troops away from defenses (the corner of the base is usually good). Depending on the castle troops, deploy some of your own troops to kill the clan castle troops.

    Wizards and dragons are some of the most lethal troops to your troops because they deal splash damage, to kill these, it's good to deploy a circle of troops around them so that when they deal their splash damage, they kill as little of your troops as possible.

    A good idea is to look at YouTube videos to familiarize yourself with different attack strategies.

    Note: I will add more to this guide as I think of more.

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    These're all good tips. Since our war members are mostly th8 and use dragons I thought we can use a more comprehensive guide for using dragons for attack.

    The most importnat thing is to sum up opponents air defence and clan castle and see if they are bungled up nicely in the center or spread.

    And since I don't feel confident enough to make a guide myself here is one explaining attacks with 10dragons and ballons from clan reinforcements:

    In it there are two videos explaining how do deal with:
    1. air defences bungled up nicely in the center which is more easy
    2. spread air defences which are quite harder

    Ultimatly these are dragons+baloons attacks, but the fundamentals will help you even if u don't use ballons.

    Oh and something I forgot to mention, a tip by me. Since our first attack must be our coresponding number take a good look at his base. If you are lucky you might notice something specific in his base design that you can adjust your strategy on.

    And here is an example:

    If u see an exposed air defence(not nesecery out in the open), just one sticking out being first like the one in the picture, having no other towers before it you can use a few hogs to take it out and your dragons will have one less air defence to worry about. To be sure use at least 4 or 8 hogs depending on their levels. I think 4 at lvl3/4 are enough(I used 8 just to be sure) and 8 on lvl1/2.

    On that base from the picture I used 8 hogs to take that pointed defence and 3 lightning spells on the one down one and my dragons easily took the the one standing air defence.

    So in conclusion: make a good strategy in your mind don't just go heavy expecting that you will get lucky and take all air defences easy and look for weak spots in enemy base designs. In time you will learn to spot them easily.
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