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Mici [7NA] appliction clan

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  • REJECTED: Mici [7NA] appliction clan

    ■ Ingame Information ■
    1. Ingame name:Mici
    2. Previous names:[GSF]Mici Mici
    3. Since when you play SA:MP?: 5 years
    4. Your GamerX score: 5700
    5. Total time spent in-game: 206
    6. Did you test/use any kind of cheats, trainers or hacks? (if yes explain which ones, don't lie):
    7. Are you using some mods? (if yes tell us which ones):No
    8. Other games you play:Pubg,Fortnite
    9. Previous clans:None
    10. Why did you leave those clans?:None
    11. Have you ever applied to a clan which denied you, if so then why did you get denied?:[AK] [S] bad idea [bad applcition ]
    12. Has anyone invited you to make an application, if so who?: No
    13. Why would you like to join [7NA]? (Explain):so there's plenty of friends there and the clan is pretty good
    14. In which case would you leave the clan:I've never screwed up anyone, told him not to lie, nor harm anyone
    15. How would you describe your loyalty?:He would never call anyone inexcusable or call him worthless

    ■ Gameplay ■
    Describe your activity:
    (Rate from 0 to 10)
    M4/ak/mp5: 9

    ■ Extra Information ■
    Scripting knowledge:I know it's nice to map some objects 7/10
    Photoshop knowledge:I only know very well I know everything 9/10
    Video editing knowledge:I use a good program and a foreign editing for 3 years so I know the device 10/10

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    Before global unbans you had 70+ bans, after global unbans you got 4 bans for cheats. Also you dont have the basic English which we could understand you. Recently you got blacklisted in 2 clans which is shocking. Also you are spamming serbian admins 24/7 for something, even they have no idea what you want/ask.
    If you want the chances to be higher for the next time, you should make an in real life video how you are stealing gas from the cars. Here is an example how it should be in your video
    Its a no from me.
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      Originally posted by Rolex View Post

      6. Did you test/use any kind of cheats, trainers or hacks? (if yes explain which ones, don't lie):
      You didn't mention using aimbot which you got banned for previously..

      Also you copied another player's application and pasted it as your AK clan app, Denied
      Originally posted by Saturo;n197653
      What is the problem that has no solution and detrimental to people and tide me to do this topic is the time for a final not Sue P change my change my opinion on this topic Media problem forward to be TP change the opinion I will not tell me This time This time for a final Please PANZEHIR and Eliteus


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