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  • ACCEPTED: Application

    Username(ingame): SpetsnaZ_
    Any previous name: GangsterZz_
    Any previous clan: [WF],[MM]
    Age:16 Country: Bosnia
    Kills: 15336
    Races Won: 91
    Duels Won: 3544
    Hours: 783h
    Do you speak English (Yes/No | 0% - 100%): Yes 99%
    Were you invited by a Captain? Yes/No Who?: No
    Special Skills ingame: Dueling(Cbug) Special Personal Skills: Editing
    Prefered weapons to duel: Deagle
    Prefered cars to race:infernus
    How long you have been playing SA:MP? Since 2012/2013
    Why you want to join to [M4]: Because the clan i really old and I like the members of it
    Why did you select M4 to join in: There are no members that are active so clan is kind of dead I want to make it active again.

    I know I dont meet requirements of the races won but as you can see I am dueler not racer.
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    Originally posted by GangsterZz View Post

    Races Won: 91

    I know I dont meet requirements of the races won but as you can see I am dueler not racer.[/B]
    Originally posted by [URL=""
    If you don't meet all the requirements, Do not post your application it will be denied. [/B]
    The vote are clear as Kenneth said you could've just wait till you add 9 races to your races win
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      Yeah but clan has duel-ers and racers some of them didnt meet also for races but accepted when I fix my computer Im finish those 9 races


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        Tell me your name wtih M4 and country to add to the list.

        Read :


        There is currently 1 user online. 0 members and 1 guests.

        Most users ever online was 8,052 at 08:02 PM on 11-03-18.