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AnimeLovesCoffee's application

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  • REJECTED: AnimeLovesCoffee's application


    - Real Name: ofir
    - Age : 14.5
    - Country : israel
    - Do you speak fluent English? (IMPORTANT): yes
    - What other languages do you speak?: hebrew


    In-game Information

    - Nickname: AnimeLovesCoffee
    - Previous nicknames: [LW]AnimeLC
    - Previous clans (and why you left): [LW] - because I wanted to be in a better clan
    -Trusted Player or Admin : none


    Introduce yourself

    - Tell us about yourself: Im friendly and polite and trying to have fun
    - Why did you decide to apply to us?: Because I wanted to be in the best clan ingame and with my friends!
    - What should we expect from you during your app period?: Try to be better to be a better player
    - Were you invited by a clan member of S? If yes, by who?: Kritical[S]


    SA-MP Information

    - Your weapon set? (if you have a secondary set, tell us): Sawn Off - Deagle
    - How long have you been playing SA:MP?: since 2009 [in general] in GamerX since [2018]
    - Did you ever cheat or use illegal programs?: never

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    You are a good player. Your behaviour is very nice with everyone.
    Hope that you will be loyal. Its a Yes from me.

    Wait for the other members to reply,
    Good Luck!


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      Well i met you just now but i trust Kritical and his decision so you have Yes from me


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        Originally posted by Kritical View Post
        You are a good player. Your behaviour is very nice with everyone.
        Kritical say all.Yes from me.
        Good luck.


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          Yes. All was said above


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            i m with my clan mates YES from me good luck :)
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              Your behavior in the server is good with everyone .
              Never saw any rule break from you.
              Yes from me
              Hope you will be loyal mate
              Good Luck


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                well mate you are good and friendly player but you didn't meet requirements

                2 - Your total time in-game must be 100 hours.
                and you have only 68 hours good luck for next time


                reapply next month [ 01/18/2019 ]
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