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Help with the money system in gamerx

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  • Help with the money system in gamerx

    hi i need help i tried to store more money in my bank in the game but when i tried to do it says that i cant deposit more money becuz my pc is a 32 bit but i have upgraded my pc to 64 bit about a month ago i can show u some pics of it

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    GamerX was made with 32 bit system, that's why you can't put more money


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      (Correct me if im wrong) But It Has nothing to do with your Windows or PC specs ,
      It's from the server itself , You can't deposit in Gx's Bank more than the maximum value of money which is " $ 2147483647 "


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        You can't put more money becuz you have 64bit and the server made with 32bit


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          Allows you to put the specified amount your money into the GamerXBank.
          This effectively allows you to have more than $999,999,999 which is the GTA SA limit.
          The maximum amount of money you can put in the GamerX Bank is 2,000,000,000 ($2 Bilion).
          The player with the most cash in the GamerX Bank is Churre with $2147483647.


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            there is no 64-bit Primitive data Type in the sa-mp server binary and the current sa-mp server was designed to run on 32-bit architecture, so no matter what GX server CPU architecture is.. 64-bit or 32-bit it still cant store 64-bit integers such as "9,223,372,036,854,775,807", however there may plugins, memory hacking, or sum up the 32-bit integers repeatedly, and then store it as String data type, but some how that would very complicated to code.
            So there is nothing wrong with your computer, it just deficiency of sa-mp server binary.

            PS: 64-bit integers still can run on 32-bit CPU architecture, the samp server just don't have data type for large number
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