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  • Question please answer

    I know that I have already tired of these boring questions, but I can not give up everything that I thought was not important, after asking some of the questions that Solaimana had told me about his departure from the GamerX community. After all, he had bananas to return to me akaunt as he relinquished from the community, that I admitted that I had an aim but I no longer use it since I have a few goals in the game and you maybe some of them know it does not matter
    I'm telling myself that I'm dying with this, it's baseless, but it matters to me

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    i dont understand anything at all what you are trying to ask, you say after soollaimane ban you are clear? but after soollaimane ban you got 5+ more. Its completely your fault using illegal modifications to get you banned yourself, you should listen to the serbian admins what they tell you if you dont understand anything.


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      ? ?????????


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