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  • IRC on your Phone Android | AndroIRC

    Well, here i'm gonna teach you, how to have IRC on your Android Phone

    Step 1.-
    We will go to the "Play Store" app, and search "androIRC" Download this app and install.

    Step 2.-
    We will open the app, the interface is like this:

    Step 3.-
    Then, we will add the server "" the sub menu that is in the icon of the right up, is a circle with a plus symbol in the middle and select "other...", there we will write "" and touch "Submit" once do that, we will be in irc server.

    Step 5.-
    then now will be add the GamerX Channel, so we will select the next sub menu, that is an arrow with a point in the right and there we will select "Join a channel" and there we will write "#gamerx", and select Submit.

    You can change your username, in "Buttonconfig/options/Nickname/Nickname"
    and there you can change your user name

    So there you have GamerX IRC on your phone then now, you just have to join or register on IRC, here you have a link (:

    -Do not keep the application always open because it can make your phone slow.
    -Close the application in the menu button from time to time, that can be filled with many texts and can also slow your phone.


    -You will have to put the server and channel " and # GamerX" every time you go to the application

    --------By: Kennet--------
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    Originally posted by Kenneth View Post
    -You will have to put the server and channel " and #GamerX" every time you go to the application
    Not really, if you have put some channels in your autojoin list then you won't have to put #gamerx everytime you join with AndroIRC.


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      thanks bro
      *text here*


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        Your Welcome(:


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          Nice tutorial but I don't have ANDROID PHONE


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            Yes.I also use the android irc but i can not send message to gamerxserver tell me how to send the mesaages


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              Hey gus i want to use but i don't know how to use irc andriod i am install andoirc but not working
              [SIZE=7]Nida Masood Jatt


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                Maybe your phone doesnt support the build you are trying to run on it, or could you be more specific ?
                Use new IRC Clients for android, also your operation system matter (4.2, 4.4 etc)

                IRC Client For Moblie Phone and iPhone

                1. -jmIrc


                2. -colloquy (Colloquy IRC Client)


                3. -Lime Chat (iPhone IRC Client)

       (Thanks To Emilia/Kara for Info)

                Also i recently used Hermes - Material IRC Chat on my phone it works pretty well. HOLOIRC and YAAIC (Yet another android IRC Chat) are pretty good too.


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                  Originally posted by Kenneth View Post


                  -You will have to put the server and channel " and # GamerX" every time you go to the application.]
                  Nah not really needed.
                  To add servers type ajoin command as Blackid told or use the features of app. To add goto settings and goto servers..

                  Now select Server, I'm selecting IRC TL

                  There you'll get option to add whatever servers to autojoin..

                  And i want to add an extra knowledge to this post is that we can automatic identify ourself by using custom irc command. This will make users to use this application easier..
                  To go there goto settings>servers>server name>edit>custom irc command

                  Now you have to type command in order to auto identify..
                  /msg NickServ identify <password>

                  You can add more commands to auto type on join..
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