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Adding Challenges Completed To /stats in 'Activities Stats'

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  • Adding Challenges Completed To /stats in 'Activities Stats'

    Challenges a player completes should be added to /stats in 'Activities Stats' that includes Races Won, Goos Found, etc. Only different challenges completed should be added. Like if I completed Grenade Jump twice, so it shouldn't be recorded as Challenges Completed : 2. Instead it should only record different challenges completed, and it does not require the player to hold record in that challenge. Just the completion of challenge would add to it.
    Not all challenges are hard to complete, but some are like Grenade Jump 3, BridgeStar - Infernus, etc. and are completed by 4-5 of them. Challenges completed also matches with others in the Activites Stats.

    Also total Record Holdings of that player could be added(including challenge records, race records, etc.). This might be difficult as it might change very often but would add to the stats.
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