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  • [GAMEMODE] /Mute

    Alright so my suggestion is that the /mute stays on even after the muted player leaves the server.
    Like if the admin has muted id 10, he leaves the server to get unmuted but instead when he rejoins server, server auto mutes him for whatever time the mute is left.
    As some of you guys may have noticed in recent time, many abusers have been muted but they just left the server and rejoined back to get unmuted.
    EDIT: The in-game /mute command works fine and remutes if you try to evade the mute, but if the admin mutes you VIA IRC, you can evade the mute. Robo_N1X
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    That system already exists, but the account has to be registered. If it isn't registered the mute doesn' get saved. Same happens if the muted player rejoins with another name.


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      * Admin Charger (IRC) has muted whymad_english (ID:11)
      *** whymad_english has left the game. (Left)
      *** whymad_english has joined the game.

      he took advantage of this "bug" about 2 times before.


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