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  • Robo_N1X
    started a topic GamerX v4.8.5 and v4.8.6
    in News

    GamerX v4.8.5 and v4.8.6

    A late post update

    These updates contains various improvement and bug fixes, mostly for admin...

    Version 4.8.6 was deployed...
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  • fernando
    started a topic GamerX's stuff
    in Chat

    GamerX's stuff

    Let's open this topic to remember moments or things that have happened in this server and maybe somebody would never know it used to happen here
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  • Luis38
    started a topic Reglas de GamerX

    Reglas de GamerX


    Sección 1- Control de conducta

    Las reglas en este post son aplicables en todos nuestros servicios. Esto...
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  • Matite
    started a topic IRC Changes
    in News

    IRC Changes

    Hi, We made some changes to our #GamerX IRC echo channel. People who join are no longer given voiced (+) status by default. From now on only Trusted Players will have voiced (+) status. If you are not a TP you...
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  • Kenneth
    started a topic IRC on your Phone Android | AndroIRC

    IRC on your Phone Android | AndroIRC

    Well, here i'm gonna teach you, how to have IRC on your Android Phone

    Step 1.-
    We will go to the "Play Store" app, and search
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