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  • REJECTED: [ATM]Appilcation

    ■ Ingame Information ■

    1. Ingame name: Death_Eater
    2. Previous names: -
    3. Since when you play SA:MP?: 2015
    4. Your GamerX score: 10022
    5. Total time spent in-game: 40841 min
    6. Previous clans: [.ZF.] , [M4]
    7. Why did you leave those clans?: i left [.ZF.] to join [M4] (cuz i thinked that its a good clan) then i left [M4] cuz of many problems in the clan + they ignore new members ...
    8. Have you ever applied to a clan which denied you, if so then why did you get denied?: i got denied only in my first application for [M4]
    9. Has anyone invited you to make an application, if so who?: -
    10. Why would you like to join [ATM]? (Explain): I wanna join cuz I tried two clans before applying here , and i found that [ATM] is the best clan for me!
    11. In which case would you leave the clan: if something happened as in the previous clan.
    12. How would you describe your loyality?: i don't want to describe my loyality [ATM] members can ^^

    ■ Gameplay ■

    Describe your activity:

    Rate from 0 to 10.

    Deagle: 6
    Shotgun: 7
    M4/ak/mp5: 7
    Spas: 7
    Sniper: 9
    Rifle: 7
    Sawn-off: 8
    Tec9: 7

    ■ Extra Information ■

    Scripting knowledge: -
    Photoshop knowledge: 9
    Video editing knowledge: 6
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  • #2
    Im not a member in Atm Clan and i dont think i will accept or denied but i see you are good member and pollite and your skills Nice i will give you My yes..good luck


    • #3
      Originally posted by CamA View Post
      Im not a member in Atm Clan and i dont think i will accept or denied but i see you are good member and pollite and your skills Nice i will give you My yes..good luck
      You are not allowed to vote... until its accepted officially


      • #4
        Good boi Yes from me
        [18:07:09] <.Crus> (19) report 39 aimbot plz admins ee
        [18:07:20] <Jasmeet> (38) lol hes admin hes cashewz hes pro


        • #5
          You got my yes boobs i would love to see you in our clan membership & clan history xD


          • #6
            Yess from mee too!


            • #7
              No from me, you need more time imo.


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                Originally posted by CamA View Post
                i dont think i will accept or denied
                Lmfao. Anyway, positive vote from me.

                PastorRichads: /q for Liberating yourself from the chains and bounds of this Virtual Nightmare

                <@GX-07> [14] Legend27: nick is indonessian


                • #9
                  YES from me.
                  Last edited by Bazid; 11-04-17, 07:43 AM.


                  • #10
                    We are from same country yeah and friends aswell, even you are somehow close to me but i can give you a positive vote you don't deserve sorry.
                    Negative vote you need more time ya death
                    -Tunisia <3


                    • #11
                      Have some manner in-game, I saw you say bad words to random people for nothing (seem to be an influence from your ex clan mates). Learn to control your rage and be nice to everyone as well.
                      No from me, maybe next time.


                      • #12
                        -Queen give me only one log that i said bad words or something like that ?
                        all players know me and maybe if i said bad words i was joking with friends
                        Thanks for all your votes.

                        PS: if i was insulting in chat i'll never became a tp.
                        +give logs next time before voting an app
                        Last edited by KYOTO; 11-04-17, 02:04 PM.


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                          Negetive vote.
                          U need more time.
                          May be next time.
                          Good luck


                          • #14
                            No from me, its too early
                            Last edited by Tungki; 11-04-17, 03:28 PM.


                            • #15
                              too much negative votes.
                              DENIED, you can re-apply when you think you're ready enough if you really want to join, otherwise good luck


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