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    i am so attractive, and i can get any girl i want in 2 days (if she's hard to get)
    Stay low, Go fast.
    Kill first, Die last.
    One shot, One kill
    No luck, Pure skill.


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      Hello GX ..
      Well if you got a talent in something ( Draw..Sport..Sing..) you can share it with us " IRL or IG "
      i Have Talent in Foot-Ball And Sing
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        • Glator
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          Since when fitness is a talent

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        Picking up girls.


        • Pikachou
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          Picking up girls and running in Da Streets !!

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        Talent for butcher


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          My talents are so hidden even i can't find them


          • Pikachou
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            Want me to search for them for you ?

          • Chiron
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            actually im a dubstep music producer :3

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          I'm a professional Guitar Flash player (it's a guitar hero version but for facebook), it's not to be presumed, but I'm very good and I would literally violate whoever dares to play with me ... PS: Whoever wins me a game will give everything my staff within the game

          -Jugaba of central defense in the quarries of a professional team called Cobreloa, I only played 3 times in the second division of chiley I scored a goal, now I am training in Rancagua Sur (a team from the fourth division of Chile)

          -I can also sing current songs, preferences FIFA and PES songs, and some metal and rock


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            Sports in general especially Football , Being lazy , Watching a whole season of a serie/anime in one day xD
            *text here*


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              Ingame: Finding Goos and building quality maps.

              IRL: The only things I can do...



              • Pikachou
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                Will You Please Remove The Two Words Next To Ingame ? xD

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              Being pro in all the games, cough cough


              • Xecutioner
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                You sux in rocket league cme ooon...

              • Payrle
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                Pro in all the games? That's me bro

              • Cashewz
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              My talents:
              Ingame: i can building creative things, houses. ( and yes for now i don't deal with that )
              IRL: 1 I'm good at all (Electric/Electronic stuff, and i can code any software absolutely everything what i want, including [PLC/Arduino/Pic microcontroller].
              and yes i like to create smart robots/remote controlled cars etc, it's just my hobbies xD
              2 Sing, well singing it's part of my life, nothing much to say.
              3 Sport, ofc i can't live without doing sport, let's call it fitness.
              4 Magic, it sounds weird, but sometimes it confirm itself, actually i don't really believe in magical skills, but time to time it proves and i get success in some ways which i planned by use magic.
              But yes, i understand its hard to explain to others like 'Yeahh thats working you should try bla bla bla' No, it depend on person and the power of belief, and i want to say as experienced
              person, if you thinking to try it, just do not wait for something extraordinary lol, it takes a lot of time. So yeah i deal with it because i have interest to magic for a long time.
              Also i can bring much things here but it will be so long so no need, and finally u should know that you won't get 100% success, sometimes i failed, sometimes i succeeded. Thats all
              5 Piano, flute - also i have 70% skills of virtualpiano (google it) its keyboard piano.



              • GenGar
                GenGar commented
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                my dream is be able to sing, you are lucky af in be able to do that and seems like your life is going to a artistic way being a magic or a singer or a playing an instrument good lucky on that

              • Pikachou
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                That's Awsome i liked the Magic part

              • Robo_N1X
                Robo_N1X commented
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                You have raspberry pi?

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              Graphic Design.
              Being Shredded


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                i can slurp, hmu girls
                the 2 7 squad


                • BlackyBurn
                  BlackyBurn commented
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                  oh really?

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                Observe and see even the minute things which are often ignored by others.
                Programming: I used to do a lot before
                Hacking: I used to do in my early teenage years
                Video Editing

                and I'm also a psychologist,


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                  2.Video Editing

                  Stay Low , Move Fast , Kill First , Die Last.


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