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[DBH] - Application Format

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  • [DBH] - Application Format

    .:Personal Info:.
    • In-Game Name:
    • Any Previous In-Game Name:
    • Nationality (OPTIONAL):
    • Age (OPTIONAL):
    • Talk about yourself... (what kind of person are you?):
    • Do you have Skype (yes/no)?:
    • Do you have Discord (yes/no)?:

    • Score:
    • K/D Ratio:
    • Kills:
    • Rate your Death Match skills. (1-10)?:
    • How good are you in C-bug. (1 - 10)?:
    • How good are you in Litefoot. (1-10)?:
    • Have you participated in any clan wars before?:
    • When did you start playing SA-MP?:

    .: Player History:.
    • Have you left any clans within the past month? If so, why?:
    • Have you been banned from the server before? If so, what for? (write no if you have never been banned):

    .:[DBH] Pledge:.
    • Did anyone from [DBH] invite you to the clan?:
    • Do you promise to follow all of the rules of [DBH]? (Yes/No):
    • Do you promise to help, defend and takeover turfs for [DBH]? (Yes/No):
    • Why would you like to join [DBH]?:
    • How can you make DarkBrotherHood a better clan?:
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