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  • C-Bugging

    Maybe some of u guys will think this is a silly question but can u guys tell me How u guys actually aim while c-bugging i have tried many times but still i fail to aim fast from all my 7 shots i hit only 1-2 pls help me

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    If you want to learn C-BUG you should practice everyday.
    Watch some videos on YouTube about how to C-BUG.
    No one can teach you C-BUG,keep practicing and you'll be good in that one day.

    Aim + Shoot + C
    Press the keys at the right time and focus.

    Good luck


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      Well , if you really want to learn C-bug and want to improve your aim then first of all change your mouse sensitivity to 5 bars (in game).

      and then do
      Aim + Shoot then release Aim and Press C
      and also watch some videos of PRO sa-mp players on YouTube and try to learn their C-bug Movements...

      Stay Low , Move Fast , Kill First , Die Last.


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