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Object Material Quick Presets (/Spoma)

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  • Object Material Quick Presets (/Spoma)

    Hello, as you may know, the /spoma command has been added which allows you to change the material and colour of your player objects.

    Robo has made a tutorial explaining how to use the command here

    For those who find this command too confusing or long winded, I have written a few myself which you can copy and paste into the game so you can quickly get some nice textures on your objects

    Here is an example how to use the command below:

    /spoma ID 0 718 gta_tree_palm kbtree3_test 0x0
    - ID means the assigned object ID when you create your object. You can find the ID with /npo or /so2
    - 0 is a material index, which means a single part of the object. To change the material on different parts of an object, change this number to anything up to 15. E.g. On a tunnel, 0 is the material on the outside of the object, while 1 is the material on inside.

    Here is the command with some different settings that you can copy into game to get these textures:

    Futuristic look: /spoma ID 0 7315 vgnfremnt1 casinolights1b_128n 0xaaff00ff

    Palm tree trunk: /spoma id 0 718 gta_tree_palm kbtree3_test 0x0

    Xmas orb texture: /spoma id 0 19059 xmasorbs foil3-128x128 0x0

    Glass panes with green frames: /spoma id 0 1649 wglass carshowwin2 0xff00ff00

    Wood planks: /spoma id 0 19378 all_walls mp_diner_woodwall 0x0

    Red and white stripes: /spoma id 0 18893 matclothes bandanaflag 0x0

    Lightning strikes: /spoma id 0 18904 matclothes bandanaelec 0x0

    Lava lakes: /spoma id 0 18752 volcano lavalake 0x0

    More futuristic textures: /spoma id 0 7315 vgnfremnt1 casinolights6lit3_256 0xff00ff00
    _______________________/spoma id 0 7315 vgnfremnt1 casinolights6lit3_256 0xff0000ff

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    i wonder if i can change the whole map in gta sa into snow texture like in liberty city...
    great tutorial nate xD
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      Originally posted by tungki View Post
      i wonder if i can change the whole map in gta sa into snow texture like in liberty city...
      great tutorial nate xD
      Yes you can change whole gta sa into what ever texture you want but the problem is only you will be able to see those changes other wont be able to see, because if you create an object and change its texture (which was created in gamerx) it will be available for everyone and all can see it but the full game gta sa if you change any thing from there only you will be able to see those changes.

      using m.e.d and txd workshop, mabye there are more softwares like these but in my view these are the best for doing this^^^


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        plz add /spoma 9 0 3383 milbase lightblue_64 96ADBFC7
        i spent more time than i wanted just to get a clear glass texture

        edit: dont add it, making textures trasprearent doesnt work.
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          IF you Want to suggest this fatlob then plz do here
          Don't aim for success if you want it just do what you love and belive in and it will come naturally


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            Originally posted by Stonic. View Post
            IF you Want to suggest this fatlob then plz do here
            He is not suggesting a command or server feature, he is suggesting that presets to be added in the first post.
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              Glass panes with green frames: /spoma id 0 1649 wglasss carshowwin2 0xff00ff00
              Glass panes with green frames: /spoma id 0 1649 wglass* carshowwin2 0xff00ff00


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                Some cool Colors:
                /spoma [ID] 0 3267 milbase lightred2_32
                /spoma [ID] 0 8839 vgsecarshow lightblue2_32
                /spoma [ID] 0 8839 vgsecarshow lightblue_64
                /spoma [ID] 0 8839 vgsecarshow lightgreen2_32
                /spoma [ID] 0 8839 vgsecarshow lightpurple2_32
                /spoma [ID] 0 8839 vgsecarshow lightyellow2_32


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                  Transparent material :
                  /spoma [ID] 0 -1 none none 0xFFFFFF
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                    - Mat Colours -

                    - Mat Colours -

                    /spoma [ID] 0 18646 MatColours black
                    /spoma [ID] 0 18646 MatColours blue
                    /spoma [ID] 0 18646 MatColours green
                    /spoma [ID] 0 18646 MatColours grey
                    /spoma [ID] 0 18646 MatColours grey-10-percent
                    /spoma [ID] 0 18646 MatColours grey-20-percent
                    /spoma [ID] 0 18646 MatColours grey-30-percent
                    /spoma [ID] 0 18646 MatColours grey-40-percent
                    /spoma [ID] 0 18646 MatColours grey-50-percent
                    /spoma [ID] 0 18646 MatColours grey-60-percent
                    /spoma [ID] 0 18646 MatColours grey-70-percent
                    /spoma [ID] 0 18646 MatColours grey-80-percent
                    /spoma [ID] 0 18646 MatColours grey-90-percent
                    /spoma [ID] 0 18646 MatColours grey-93-percent
                    /spoma [ID] 0 18646 MatColours grey-95-percent
                    /spoma [ID] 0 18646 MatColours lightblue
                    /spoma [ID] 0 18646 MatColours orange
                    /spoma [ID] 0 18646 MatColours red
                    /spoma [ID] 0 18646 MatColours red-2
                    /spoma [ID] 0 18646 MatColours red-3
                    /spoma [ID] 0 18646 MatColours red-4
                    /spoma [ID] 0 18646 MatColours redlaser
                    /spoma [ID] 0 18646 MatColours samporange
                    /spoma [ID] 0 18646 MatColours white
                    /spoma [ID] 0 18646 MatColours yellow
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                      /spoma [ID] 0 19605 EnExMarkers EnExMarker4-2
                      /spoma [ID] 0 19606 EnExMarkers EnExMarker4-3
                      /spoma [ID] 0 19607 EnExMarkers EnExMarker4-4
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                        /spoma [ID] 0 4568 skyscrap2_lan2 yardgrass1


                        /spoma [ID] 0 8399 vgs_shops concretedust2_256128

                        Sand (desert-like):

                        /spoma [ID] 0 16102 des_cen sandgrnd128

                        Sand (beach-like):

                        /spoma [ID] 0 16008 des_n des_ripplsand
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