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Fix Your ALT Tab Blackscreen In Windows 10

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  • Fix Your ALT Tab Blackscreen In Windows 10

    Some people in this community struggled from this problem which shows only on Windows 10 including I and Adrenaline, when you ATL Tab while in-game you meet this problem, the black screen problem, today I will be discussing it and try to fix it this problem with you guys

    NOTE: If you have Windows 8.1 or lower versions (Or already fixed it), just close this topic as it's related to Windows 10 only, so don't try this on your computer as I do not guarantee it working for Windows 8.1 and below.

    Having this problem? Follow the next steps and the game shall work for you without being afraid from black screens when checking what's going on in the background.

    First things first is to locate your Grand Theft Auto San Andreas file and enter it, then you may follow the other steps as the following picture.

    1) Now while you are there, find your gta_sa.exe and rename it to anything, for me I renamed it blackbird.exe.

    2) Open Command Prompt as administrator from your start menu.

    3) Now your Command Prompt is opened, type the following command to it:
    mklink "Your GTA File Location\gta_sa.exe" "Your GTA File Location\blackbird.exe"

    NOTE: I used "blackbird.exe" because I set it to blackbird.exe earlier, so if you set it to something make sure the names match.

    Don't know how to browse your GTA File Location? Here is a picture

    Copy the selected text marked as blue to "Your GTA File Location".
    Make sure you don't copy the one I'm using, it's different from PC to PC.

    4) Now you are half way done, all what left to do is making the SA-MP client run as administrator whenever you double click it. First thing here is to Right-Click it and click "Properties".

    Go to "Compatibility" and select "Run this program as administrator" and click "Apply".

    Now everything is done and good to be ran, open your client and join any server without getting afraid of Black screen issues, you will be totally freed from it.

    I will be making a video as soon as possible regarding this problem.

    I hope this is helpful and working for you, thank you guys for reading

    If you have a feedback, let me know in the posts below guys!

    Have fun

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    Deathbeatz was looking for it, well Done blackbird ( Dbz cusão)


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      thank u


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