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    Originally posted by DeclanIsKing View Post
    I think a TP should be allowed to explain himself and not just sit down, shut up and take votes.

    Nikola can defend himself if he thinks he is being treated too harsh in his app.
    Yes, he can. That's why if you notice i removed that words which was of Blackbird as i thought it's not really needed. When he is not arguing or being stubborn or something etc.

    Originally posted by DeclanIsKing View Post
    I think you guys are being way too harsh on this player over simple godmode abuse.
    He did rulebreak too if you forgot that "Teleport in fights". Also it was not me who got him it was PANZEHIR who got him, and then he removed his status.

    Also that's what PANZEHIR said about him when he got demoted, it's his words.

    PANZEHIR's words
    teleports in fights now... he got bunch of chances and nothing improved.
    So it's clear he got bunch of chances if you see PANZEHIR's words. Also one more thing abusing Godmode is also rulebreaking, and he did again and again. and AGAIN "Yes" he did alot that thing. And that's makes me to not trust him so quickly, that's one of the reason. And it's completely ok after seeing his that old side. And as i already mentioned his teleport in fight thing, and impatient too while reporting etc. This should help in understanding.

    Originally posted by DeclanIsKing View Post
    I think he should get it back as he reports a lot and doesn't break rules.
    Nope he doesn't do your "Alot of reports". Also he is impatient when it comes to reporting which is not a good thing for a TP, even Evil mentioned that. And sometime he is so impatient he reports same player twice like quickly in short time.

    Also one more thing i would like to add it's ok to apply after appeal quickly even if this all happend in one month. But when you know you got demoted in a very bad way (Already mentioned reasons to make things more clear) and you just want to do everything quickly that shows how impatient you are. And then i don't think applying immediately is the correct option. And trusting is a thing it takes time to earn, specially if you didn't did so "Awesome" job to get the status. If i could see clearly alot of helping, alot of reports, some really excellent stuff from him to get this status back then maybe i could say he is trying to win trust. But nope. As PANZEHIR said too his words.

    PANZEHIR's words
    It seems you still dont know so much about the server commands/features
    I don't find him professional at all. I agree with PANZEHIR, these are the things i wanted to add though that's all.
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      I did not want to do this, but it had to be so.
      Otherwise I'm talking in general.

      1.You mean, I do not know a lot of commands in the game,and I can not help so many players.It's not exactly that.Although this is your opinion, I do not agree with him at all.
      whenever someone needed help with anything on this server, I tried my best. Naturally,i can not answer everyone when they ask for help, sometimes I'm in a race or event and the like.
      You can freely and at any time check in the game for commands.

      2. Muaaz say: And also i don't see any effort from you to be a TP. You are not much helpful. Do alot of reports if you cannot report, atleast do good helping not just simple /admins or /report a bit. Be more helpful. Show your best side as i said earlier, do something to get this status. I don't think you are doing much for it.

      Do not think I'm doing a lot.We do not share the same opinion that if I did not do enough for this status I would not get it the last time.

      3. As for impatience, I'm not impatient on the contrary.I was not eager to announce the same instant appeal.

      I admit I'm an impatient eye for reporting, because I just do not want one who has cheats in the game to be there.

      just like the admin eliteus said: You can tell he is patient because he posted TP appeal a month after being demoted. Some TPs post straight after in desperate attempts to gain their status back. However, this player has stuck around, helped and reported for a while before posting TP appeal.

      4.As far as my mistakes are concerned, this is one time tp in fight, it's just like I told panzer myself after the demotion about what was happening here: I thought I shot at the floor and not into it
      and since he shot me, I wanted to escape, but I thought I did not hit him.

      I also apologize if I left something out, and for bad English.
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        Yes from me. Good luck mate.
        Fuck labels.


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          I see, as before you still same and Active/reporting rule-breakers cheaters, helping as much as you can, it's fine for a player who wants to be a Tp.
          And you should know we all do mistakes,fails, and sometimes uncarefully forget what we did or doing..
          But when u admit what u did and if you are feeling regret about it.. its fine.
          Well i want to say why not to give you one more chance? and maybe we will see improvements.
          My vote Positive. Good luck!


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            Well first of all i would like to clear you something. I personally love giving chances if you don't know me. But If you would had been really deserving. I would had gave you my vote before anyone. If you would had been really deserving. I don't hate you or something lol, you know this thing already. I cannot just give you votes for "friendly" and i don't want things to get mixed up though. This is a Status and there is requirements for that and we expect proper contributions for it. Admin Job is different and that friendly/friend thing is different.

            Originally posted by Nikola._ View Post
            I admit I'm an impatient eye for reporting, because I just do not want one who has cheats in the game to be there.
            Weird, openly saying that it's a fault in you. What you trying to say lol? Exactly it's a fault in you, which you need to improve that's why i am saying you need more time. You are not ready, it's one of the reason. Also It's not your problem that "Hacker" thing. You were a TP before and still you saying this and that too publicly and fearlessly yes i do have this problem. Lol so what you expecting that's what we are telling you. You need to work on yourself.

            Also this is Admin Left's words.

            Left's Words
            No matter if there are is one cheater online or the whole server is full of them. Let it be our problem. Even if there's no admin online - why do you care so much about it ? Just teleport somewhere else and he'll leave you alone anyways.
            So you should not worry about hackers that much though, it's not your Job.

            Also i already gave answers why you don't deserve in my previous replies, you can read them again. I don't see you as "Super helpful" who is helping players in chat where he is giving long explanations or something. All i see is you are active, does report but "not much", then also very impatient immediately gets mad starts pming an admin, please check report. And sometime reports that hacker twice suddenly.

            Yeah you are friendly but as i said don't mix that friendly thing with this Status. I am already tired seeing TP's getting demoted. If we will pick people who put some really good effort to be a TP the chances of getting demotions etc will be less. And also they will then keep the status for longer time. As they will be very knowledgble about server etc so they will think 100 of times before doing anything wrong with their status. Atleast chances will be less if not 100 percent. Already TP status is really easy to get.

            If not this month you get for example and if you apply next month with apparent efforts, ofcource i will give you my Yes. But it's too early you are not ready. You need to work on yourself. Read my replies if you want answers why you don't deserve in my opinion. I am not going to reply here anymore. I am tired explaining.

            My vote will not be changed, No. Maybe next time it can be a Yes, if you improve.
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              Accepted. Don't waste this chance.


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