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TP application Nikola

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  • TP application Nikola

    Username: Nikola._
    Any previous names: nikola_nikola
    Registered: 2017
    IRC Nickname (if any): nikola_nikola
    Discord Username/Discriminator Tag: Nikola._
    Time spent in-game (hours): 834 hours

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    Yes for the same reasons i stated in your previous application, Also i'd like to suggest you not to goof with the /gm command if thats creating you a problem again and again. Hope you get the status back that you deserve. Good luck!
    the 2 7 squad


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      Your behavior is good nothing to add.



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        Thanks for everything here.I will try to use the command /gm as little as possible, but more cautiously.


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          I hope you have learnt of your mistakes, I will give you a yes, don't waste this chance as it can be your last one!


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            Originally posted by Charger View Post
            I hope you have learnt of your mistakes, I will give you a yes, don't waste this chance as it can be your last one!
            Thanks. I hope that from these mistakes I will learn a lot.
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              According to IRC logs, i was not able to find any good helpful actions from your side, i saw some "/rocket" "/report" "/admins" and nothing else. It seems you still dont know so much about the server commands/features. I personally dont think you are ready yet for this status.
              Im sorry but its a No from me.


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                Too early to know that you have learned through your mistakes.This eventually leads to a negative sign.


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                  I will be honest. You seems a friendly type of guy, but on the same time we should talk about some other things aswell. "Being friendly" is not enough. I don't find you professional. I want you to be a knowledgble player so you will know things nicely, and also then you can help players very easily.

                  The reason why i voted late? It was because i was still not sure about you, as i said "Being friendly" is not enough. And i cannot give you my Yes, when i know that you are not really ready. I feel you will do same mistakes. You need to learn about server and things a bit more nicely also be professional in doing things. Show your best side.

                  Be a player who knows what to do where and what to do at which place. I always felt whenever i saw you. when i was TP or even when i became an admin that you will do mistake specially with that Godmode, and you did again and again.

                  Specially on Godmode i will say to you don't enable the Godmode if you cannot take the responsblity. It's simple right? When i was a TP i use to be super careful when i use to enable godmode, but mostly i tried to not enable it as TP and even now as Admin. .Because i know if i cannot take responsblity i better don't enable it.

                  Mistakes can happen. But you should not make mistakes a habbit how you did with your Godmode when you were level 2 earlier. And ofcource mistakes can happen from anyone no one is perfect. But you need to try your best to not let it happen, and i don't see any try thing from you in past. So i hope i made things really simple "If you cannot take responsblity don't enable godmode" yeah that's the simple thing. Because i always fear as i said earlier from you that you will be in problem specially because of this "Godmode" thing.

                  And also i don't see any effort from you to be a TP. You are not much helpful. Do alot of reports if you cannot report, atleast do good helping not just simple /admins or /report a bit. Be more helpful. Show your best side as i said earlier, do something to get this status. I don't think you are doing much for it. And don't be so impatient. You sometime when /report immediately PM an admin or reports same guy again.

                  You need to work on these things which i mentioned in order to get my Yes. I wrote this all for you so you could see things more clearly. For now i don't think, you are ready. No from me.
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                    Okay, I appreciate your opinion, but I think you have somehow mistaken it, but well


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                      Originally posted by Nikola._ View Post
                      Okay, I appreciate your opinion, but I think you have somehow mistaken it, but well
                      Hmm, how? I am surprised why you saying this. See this then as far i got information you got demoted at:
                      27 March 2018
                      * Admin [7NA]PANZEHIR (ID:68) has disabled trusted status for Nikola._ (ID:57)
                      Now exactly after a month, you are making a trusted player appeal:
                      27-04-18, 04:31 PM
                      Then same day after some time you posted a TP application aswell:
                      27-04-18, 05:26 PM
                      Originally posted by Zed View Post
                      Too early to know that you have learned through your mistakes.This eventually leads to a negative sign.
                      I agree with this. Tell me you already was very fast, you can clearly. But i don't know in which Market we can purchase trust that quickly, because i personally don't know.

                      Thing is level and trust is not a joke. Specially for a trusted player who got demoted in a very bad way. And in just one month he expects everything to be happend? Appeal, Application, TP?

                      Not telling you that you cannot post application when you want, Admins do say often that you can post whenever you want in appeals in a clear way, not posting any TP Appeal link at the moment to show. If you want i will give it though. But when you do this specially when you know how you got demoted in very bad way, it looks like you are impatient.

                      When you got demoted in a very bad way, when you got told by Admins alot of times etc. I myself guided you very much again and again before your demotion. But one day i see you are demoted. I was not in game when this happend, but it happend. So when such things happens and you want just 1 month for everything. Brother that's not how it works. I will repeat "Trust" and "Level" is not joke. That's all i wanted to say.

                      Hope this all helps you to understand the things. I tried to make things very clear.
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                      • Robo_N1X
                        Robo_N1X commented
                        Editing a comment
                        Being given a chance to post application again after appeal, does not make him impatient person. In fact, in TP appeals, admin may give back the status without having application. And in fact, when they appeal for a TP, they are already asked for permission to post. If it's not the right time, the admin may decide a later time and date when they may apply. What would look like impatient is if the ex-TP annoys the admin who demoted them to check their appeal quicker.

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                      I totally agree with admin Muaaz. It's too early to trust you again. Please read his posts carefully, learn what he's trying to tell you and start improving yourself. Good luck!

                      No from me.


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                        I think a TP should be allowed to explain himself and not just sit down, shut up and take votes.

                        Nikola can defend himself if he thinks he is being treated too harsh in his app.

                        Anyway, I think demoting someone for 1 month because of godmode abuse is fair enough. We don't need to scold him.

                        I think he should get it back as he reports a lot and doesn't break rules.

                        I think you guys are being way too harsh on this player over simple godmode abuse.


                        (This also proves what I said in my post in admin section about how we treat bad players and good players. Please read that part again.)


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                          Lenient on a Trusted Player that has hacked but not lenient on an ex-TP that is actually trying to contributing to GamerX and sticking around despite the low player count?


                          PS. You can tell he is patient because he posted TP appeal a month after being demoted. Some TPs post straight after in desperate attempts to gain their status back. However, this player has stuck around, helped and reported for a while before posting TP appeal.
                          Last edited by Eliteus; 03-05-18, 03:30 PM.
                          Sincerely please stop asking why I got demoted... I chose to be demoted and there's no drama behind it.


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                            Everyone deserve a second chance, and im going to give you a chance since you are pretty much active reporting and nice person its Yes from me.

                            - Only one thing to improve, and that is to be a bit more patient after you report cheaters.
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