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  • Farewell ^^

    Well, have been a long journey. Joined here first back in 2012 along with Evil__[e3]. Had ups n' downs, a lot of fights, etc but still good was more than bad.
    Can't take this shit any longer tho. I somewhere knew this will happen as it always happens to the people who are fair. Locking threads after replying, forcing to follow rules which don't even exist, etc, can't take this shit anymore. Lorsimon said so right, Left n' Delija, you guys make it an authoritarian server.
    I regret nothing. The "dramas" which helped in the implementation of of new rules, were constructive debates and I wasn't wrong and that's why my rule suggestions got accepted. I proved everytime why was I right. I'm happy that other players who come here in future won't at least have to face all these shits. I already got thanked a lot enough outside of GamerX by players, including all levels for taking stand against the wrong ways of managements. In the end, it all was worth it.
    By the way Left, if Lorsimon was in your place, players count of GamerX would have been thrice as now. People like you and Delija, no wonder why GamerX count is decreasing. Its Rick who keeps the server alive. Rick, you're a nice guy. Apparently time wasn't to wait for weekend, Rick. Also, Left you mentioned earlier saying admins have same opinion as you, well, LMAO, wake up. You'll be so heartbroken to see what they say about you outside of GamerX.
    Not a single time you guys were able to prove my points wrong, and even my TP app, it got denied with 3 yes and 1 no. It had 13 likes, you can tell by the number of it what was the fair thing and what wasn't. Left n' Delija, no hate for you two,but just think over it before the server gets more dead. Don't act like dictators, lol.

    Anyway, cheers to the clan [R]! Love you guys, had awesome time playing with y'all. Cheers to all the friends I made here in GamerX after time skip as well as before time skip. Cheers to [HITMAN] members from before time skip as well! Special thanks to all those who were against asslicking and supported me in a way, so be it a smallest ones.Thanks to all those admins who helped me in ways. Sorry to the peeps who got offended by my way of playing or by me killing them. I ain't carrying no hate. Left, not even for you. Have a good one guys.
    Once again, thank you guys n' good luck to the server. I hope it gets better and hopes are there as Rick is the owner.
    Note - [R] clan officially is closed. Sorry guys, have to close it as I leave.

    PS- Any sort of negative comments will be ignored. I don't give a fuck anymore as I'm to leave.

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    It was a pleasure to play with you,I had a great time to play with a pro player like you ,and you were one of the players who welcomed me well when I came back even if we didn't know each other before.
    I don't know what happened now or before,but let me wish you a good luck in life and take care bro.

    Seeya mate.


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      It was nice knowing you. Before you go, there are so many things wrong with this post that I need to address:

      Originally posted by Flogrils View Post
      I regret nothing. The "dramas" which helped in the implementation of of new rules, were constructive debates and I wasn't wrong and that's why my rule suggestions got accepted. I proved everytime why was I right.
      Originally posted by Flogrils View Post
      Not a single time you guys were able to prove my points wrong
      Your admin complaint against me had some valid points, but you never proved my points wrong. Technically I "won" that complaint, since the question for that complaint was whether it was a reasonable request, and as Left and Rick said, yes it was a reasonable request. The rule being added didn't mean you won, it was added because of the drama that was formed from it.

      The rule didn't have to be added, this type of confusion wasn't very common, in fact this was the first or second time there was an issue about /sp and kill. Usually when the "reasonable request" rule is bought up, no further drama is made. I even discussed this (my first admin complaint) with Lorsimon (Aka my inspiration and my best friend) on Skype, he totally agrees with the fact that my request to you was reasonable sooo yeah.

      I'll also speak to Lorsimon about the whole TinaRex and your issue and see what he thinks about that. I'm pretty sure he will hold the same opinion as me and basically the rest of the admin team.

      However other than that, you made some good improvements since last time, I appreciate some suggestions you made and I will remember the constructive discussions we had. Have a good one.
      Sincerely please stop asking why I got demoted... I chose to be demoted and there's no drama behind it.


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        Lmfao, you are just one big shit person nothing else, you got bunch of chances yet you ruined them all and then we are dictators we are the worst , well you are the one that is annoying half of server with your smart ass talks (discussions how you call them), you are being smart ass since you came back , yesterday you even ignored Left's words when he told you to stop doing something also you lied yesterday so much that you stopped provoking TinaRex you actually continued, i don't know what you did today but it was a great call by Left to ban you.

        Anyways fun is how the server is dying because of left and me, i'm completly inactive for your smart ass informations all i did was banning you few minutes ago since you didn't get unbanned.

        I unbanned you champion and that's thanks and heck i was friendly with you yet i'm the worst one well FUCK YOU, you are range banned , there won't be any unbans for you anymore. Go sell "WEAPONS" you bad ass little kid.

        P.S You got denied in your TP applications because Owner and few more Managers said no.

        I know that i was rude here but i lost all my temper with this jerk.

        Also i range banned you in game and on forum, fuck off now.


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