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GDPR Compliance (EU Citizen Please Read!)

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  • GDPR Compliance (EU Citizen Please Read!)

    Two years ago, a General Data Protection Regulation (one of ePrivacy Regulation) was adopted, many websites (especially serving EU citizens) start adopting to have "Cookie Notification" popups as known "cookie law". The visitors of our website and other online services are given information how we store and use your data (or possibility to opt out/choose to not tell). It will come in effect on 25th May 2018.

    To be honest, i don't really know much, since i'm also not from EU countries and i don't really know what it means (i'm not good at Laws)... So i want to know how do you react on this...

    Pretty much, data we stored here are like your e-mail address, your date of birth. You already have option to choose to hide them from public, but our forum admin and moderator still can know it.
    However we will be required to show notification "popup" to inform you about it and explain how to hide it. This is including some cookies data, we store cookies in your internet browser to mark your login credentials information, not tracking where you go/to third parties. We don't really force you to use a legit e-mail address (excluding not temporary/disposable mail service) or a real date of birth, as well as how you are only required to use Nickname than realname in our game services. But we may deserve right to ban and block Proxy/VPN IP addresses/temporary/fake email address due to abuse (such as ban evading).

    You can even choose to browse under Incognito mode as it wont keep your history and cookies.

    However, you (especially new visitor) wouldn't know that, we don't even have "Privacy Policy" statements. We want to know if it's our obligation to follow this regulation as you feel need of privacy protection.

    If you still don't know what i mean, probably you are getting mails or popup notifications when you visit websites about privacy policy, one example i get from Jovan is discord :
    [5:37 AM] Jovan: I received an email from discord
    [5:38 AM] Jovan:

    [5:38 AM] Jovan: about the privacy policy
    [5:40 AM] Jovan: They've updated policy
    [5:40 AM] Jovan:
    Another reason is that, many clan board sections requires the applicant to write their Real Name and Real Age, even if it wasn't our policy, they are part of our website...
    This kind of information is available on public, nobody is required to login in order to see it.

    Maybe i will try to add notification "popup" that kinda sound annoying at first (i.e. it appears many times even you clicked to close it).
    Otherwise, i will add restriction to forum clan boards to not force real name and real age in their application forms, they can do it on their own website (as how they have their own policy), or their clan board would be invisible to public (required Login to view).

    Since this is a legal issue, please choose honestly and wisely! You can still vote even if you don't live in EU countries.

    So what do you think?? Please choose "it's really needed" in case you find importance about your privacy (especially if you live in EU)
    It's really needed
    It's not needed
    I don't know

    The poll is expired.

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    The guidelines are a big deal in EU, a lot of big companies like facebook etc got into troubles just for this. I think it should be fine to post for example your real name or your age in an application but my suggestion would be to make it so only the clan members are able to view the applications, not anyone on the internet. Or you can also make it so people are required to be logged in or register to view anything on the forum. Information such as this should be fine in a community but in a scale where everyone can view whatever they want would probably breach these laws here. Also making it so you are required to be logged in to view profiles would help a lot. That's just my view.


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      The GDPR is an EU regulation, so it is legally something the server has to comply with. It is not even a matter of the server being located in France, but that EU citizens are present on this website The popup and some kind of page that states that the GDPR is acknowledged here and that the information of the users of this service is protected sounds like a great idea.

      Now, when it comes to the clan boards etc, it should not matter nor is a crime to leave open on the server. That is done out of free will, really. It is the same thing with reddit, nobody can stop them from writing their real names or ages on a subreddit. It is not illegal for them to do so. The GDPR is for companies or services that are going to use the personal data of people for their service. Having people writing their name or age in a post is different.

      Needing an account to access the clan boards is fine though, but nothing required, really.

      You do not even need to ask for consent for users' private data, but you need justification to why you are using it.

      Is it legally required? Probably. Do you really have to do this? No. The chances of any legal consequences are extremely small.

      My knowledge of EU law is quite limited, since I'm only a year into law school and only have had one short EU law course, so do not take anything I say for granted.


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        Unless it doesnt look like annoying pop up and only appear once, then why not


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