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  • Leaving!!!

    Hi, so as you see the title Im leaving the server.

    I been thinking about this for a while I was thinking about making this topic but I didnt have time and that is the main reason of me leaving I am trying to focus on my real life in order to make something out of it, and the gaming isnt helping. I was trying to keep joining the game to be 'active' in any kind of way but just I have too much obligation's in my life!!!
    But it is hard for me to leave while looking back that I been here for full 4 years but I realized If I stay more then it will be harder to leave and leaving wasn't an option.
    All the people that I met here meant something in my life I learned alot of lessons here from those people and got an aspect on how someone can be.
    I had a wonderfull experience playing at this community even when I was with my friends I talked about it I was literally obsessed with this server with everything that it has. I fell in love with it as I entered the server because it had such a good system with the tps and all that whenever I asked a question I got an answer to it and that made me stay here and after that I was trying to be a TP my self because I was fascinated by all the commands they use (definitely /god) but you all know how it went for me. But it learned me a good leason that you should never give up no matter what and longer you wait the price will be better. I will always remember the days and nights I spend playing at this server just pure fun with players.
    Now I cant really mention all the players that I played with because Im afraid of missing on some, but every player was special on his own way. I would like to thank to all of people that been there for me and gave me support in any situation they know who it is!!!
    But who knows mby one day I will come back.

    So that's it from me, I hope the server stay's the way it always was and this is my last bye bye!
    Your dear GangsterZz_ <3

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    I do greatly appreciate the time we had here and you were and continue to be one of my inner circle buddies. Wish you the best of luck in whatever you have in your mind and stay in touch, take care homie.


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      Take care brother,I had good times with you
      Good luck in real life .


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        So tbh i dont know you much,ya but i've seen you ingame and i have to say this you are a PRO
        and ya real life is more important so..good luck in real life and tc


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          Good Luck with your life Gamerx Will miss you
          Hope See you Again very soon

          Gamechanger / Avenger / Gangster / Gamer / Youtuber


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            Good bye, and Take care of yourself.
            I wish you all the best in your life, you will be missed.


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              Take care bro and good luck with your life!


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                Good Luck for your Life dude
                its very sad to see players leaving the server


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                  I'm happy to see you leaving bro <3


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                    Good Luck with the best of your life


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