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New PC = new life B)

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  • New PC = new life B)

    So as I lost hope in unbanning me I started to find something with be MORE fun than GTA SAMP and thank god my dream came true,I got a new gaming PC and setup as a reward for getting 100% in my exams from my dad,I am now have a lot of games like,GTA,Undertale,FNF,Little nightmares,cyber punk,and more modern games,and I opened a channel on youtube to make a gameplay and make too a discord server for gamers and streaming with friends,but I noticed some thing was lost,among all those games I was feeling bored,and I remembered the good days when playing gta san andreas singleplayer and multi player,so I brought gta san andreas again but this time I will add every mod possible to make the game better and more modern so with only 92 mod I made the game more better,also I installed samp again with DirectX 2.0 final (graphics mod) and lucky I found new community that love me and respect me,unlike some of you (without saying names),However I donated them and they appreciate it so much and now I am having a good time with them
    so,my friends if you miss me you can contact me on discord if you want to play with me
    now for the people showed me hate this is my message for them: I won't miss any of you (without saying names again)
    so that's all,bye forever I may give my old account Ryder_Ninja to my brother so if you saw (Ryder_Ninja) respect him and treat him like how he will treat you,with respect of corse,and yeah I am doing this topic on my old pc with the same IP so my last request,if you saw Ryder_Ninja around it's not me,it's my brother so don't ban him because he did nothing and treat him with respect,if it's necessary to unban the account I will tell him to do an unban appeal on his account and please accept it as it's not the same person no more,and yeah I will be in the discord server of gamer x as my friends there and I like to chat with them
    New PC = New Life B)

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    Congratulations on new pc m8


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      Originally posted by Cool_Dude View Post
      I found new community that love me and respect me,unlike some of you (without saying names)
      You cheat and expect to be respected, hello?


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        another essays writer over here,anyways good bye !


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          congratulations on your new pc and goodbye.


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            Great essay, but we don't trust on "its my brother". Your account and IP will remain banned.


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