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  • My turn

    Hello everyone,

    As most of you noticed, I'm not active anymore. My private life became very busy, and I don't have the time to run GamerX community anymore. This community represented for me a lot of hours of work, a lot of fun and a lot of nice people met.

    I'm giving back the ownership to Stefan, and as Robo left GamerX, I'm waiting again for a new scripter volunteer.

    I wont make a list to thank the awesome people I met because it would be too bad to forget some, but I would like to express my gratitude to all admins and trusted players who contributed to GamerX.

    I will try to visit the forum sometimes, and I will stay in touch with the management via whats app, in case they need help for a server problem or a script issue.

    Despite the lot of dramas which occured in this community, I will always have GamerX in my mind.

    Good luck to everyone, and I hope that all the projects you will undertake will be a success.


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    Good luck in your life , we will take care of GamerX !!


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      Thanks for all the recent updates! Would've loved to see Battle royale mode :/ All the best in life!


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        Thank you for the things you've done for GamerX & good luck with everything in your life!


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          Good luck further in your life, wish you all the best ! Sad all the legends of GX are leaving as time passes. Thanks for everything you did to GX and hope to see you again Rick !

          RMS's youtube channel


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            Enjoy your life and good luck.Thanks for the new updates. We all Trusted Player and Admins family will take care of GX. Thanks and goodluck again.


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              That's sad to hear you're leaving.. Thanks for all the recent updates. Good luck for your life man!


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                not you guys , we gonna miss you ( robo and rick )
                good luck for your life


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                  Thank you for everything you did for this community, and Good luck in your life.


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                    Real life is more important than virtual life ofcourse.
                    Good bye and take care, Rick

                    The community will miss you.

                    Let me say it here in public.

                    You seemed a very funny person who treat everyone with equality and fairness. You are the reason why some players have staiyed in the server despite the drama and hardship they had to endure in the server.

                    Thankyou for everything you have given to people.

                    You have literally created a SAMP empire where you were the emperor xD

                    Hope to see you soon.

                    I wish you success and happiness in real life.



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                      Thanks for all you have done for the community, Rick.

                      Hope you have lots of success in your life.



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                        Thanks for everything you done here.Good luck with your life


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                          You contributed alot to GamerX, Good Luck with your life!


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                            You really created many AMAZING things in GamerX Rick . Thanks for all the things Man .
                            Good Luck In your Life


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                              It's really sad to see you leaving Rick. You're a really nice person, but yeah, real life is more important and you have to take care of it, good luck and thanks for all you gave us, the updates and the fun! We will miss you.


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