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April Fool day

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  • April Fool day

    Hello GamerX Community,

    As many of you noticed, yesterday all trusted players were given level 5 admin status, and all admins were given level 10 admin status.

    I hope you all appreciated this wild day, and I would like thanks you all for your behaviour for this epic day in GamerX history. As always there were some abuse, but every abuses have been controlled to allow everyone to spend a great day

    Also it was fun to see some old inactive players in game. Today we had the highest player count since I own GamerX.

    Special mention to Charger who got owned by the april fool :

    [00:12] rick
    [00:12] are you here?
    [00:13] [00:12:45] <%HeartBeat> !admins
    [00:13] [00:12:46] <@GX-22> [20] [UwD][Leader]BOyka: its bugged
    [00:13] [00:12:46] <@GX-23> * Admin GenGar (ID:24) [Level 5]
    [00:13] [00:12:46] <@GX-24> * Admin Evil[S] (ID:27) [Level 5]
    [00:13] [00:12:46] <@GX-25> * Admin ChargeR_[GT] (ID:30) [Level 10]
    [00:13] [00:12:46] <@GX-26> * Admin Multihunter[Q] (ID:33) [Level 5]
    [00:13] [00:12:46] <@GX-27> * Online Admin List Requested by HeartBeat ~ Total 4...
    01[00:14] what is the date?
    [00:16] didnt know man, it isnt common in my country xd
    [00:16] i demoted TPs to level 2
    Also special mention to Bloodcell who pmed me on whats app and who thought it was a bug too.

    All your pictures for this special day will be appreciated on this topic

    Thanks again !


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    Thanks Rick for this awesome day!

    Alot of Trusted Players granted to Level 5, Admins were given Level 10 and alot of normal players granted to Level 2 it was crazy!


    Thanks again Rick!

    Post link:-⁠⁠⁠⁠
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      One of the best day i ever had while playing in GamerX. This is really a day we all must remember. Oh yeah, thanks to rick for this April Fool Day!
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        Enjoyed alot, this was the best moment in gx for me though, thank you so much rick :P


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          Thanks for letting us be admins yesterday Rick
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            Originally posted by Dodo View Post
            Thanks alot RIck u made me feel so good when i promoted to TP and admin.
            THanks Ricks For this great Day.
            [18:07:09] <.Crus> (19) report 39 aimbot plz admins ee
            [18:07:20] <Jasmeet> (38) lol hes admin hes cashewz hes pro


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              It is my best day in GamerX!!
              Thanks for everything.

              P.S: Waiting for next April 1 ..
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                i not being tp or admin.. but all my friends are tp and admin
                ~~ Devil ~~


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                  mira automatica

                  I had to take a picture to all those dreamers


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                    It was nice to be able to use /fc again. :P


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                      is great use for first time /cookieall :īv i will miss u that cmd for some time

                      pd, i dont have photos i forget take some photos :/


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                        Yesterday is our best day In GamerX !!! Thanks for everything Rick


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                          Thanks Rick for the great day, I really enjoyed so much yesterday by using some admin commands .

                          I'm allowed to do that yesterday what I posted at the thread "What you wish to do in GamerX
                          and you are not allowed to ?!" and finally I did that yesterday haha xD.
                          Originally posted by Bazid View Post
                          I wish to /hug , /lick and /slap on nancy <3


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                            My mind got destroyed for some seconds lol , didnt thought it was April fools till you told me hahahah

                            It was a nice day, thank you Rick as always


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