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Happy Holidays! (GamerX v4.7.7 and all bans cleared)

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  • Happy Holidays! (GamerX v4.7.7 and all bans cleared)

    Happy holidays everyone!

    ALL bans have been cleared, if you have been unbanned don't waste this opportunity!

    Vote for the GamerX 2018 player awards here:

    News for Holiday
    • XMas mode has been enabled!
    • NPCs have X-Mas Trees decorated above their Trams
    • Enjoy the new xmas/snow-themed objects created by the community and admins
    • Race prize has been changed from $100,000 to $1,000,000
    • Get your /gift in-game for goodie stuffs! Free cookies!
    • Expect a frequent happy-hour and events from admins!
    Changes since 4.7.7 - December 2018
    • Added a new Last Man Standing mode: Colour Match - by Nate
    • Added a notify message about /gift when player first spawned and has not taken the XMas Gift
    • Modified /mytime command so it allows you to set the minute and toggle time cycle & display (settings are not saved)
    • Deathmatch Minigame /dome now give weapons: Chainsaw, Colt 45, Combat Shotgun
    • Deathmatch Minigame /ship now give weapons: Katana, MP5, Country Rifle
    • Deathmatch Minigame /worksite now give weapons: Shovel, Deagle, Uzi
    • Fixed a bug that previously allowed player /goto another player when the target is dead
    • Fixed spelling mistake to /eventinformation command about /Event teleport status
    • Fixed a bug that previously possible for Trusted Player to teleport to /lecture /cashier /cage /vend /toilet /torture when they are in a Race / Activity

    Changes since 4.7.6 - December 2018
    • Updated some textdraw background alpha color to make it more visible for R3 clients (it was rendered twice in previous versions)
    • Updated /pacifica property teleport command to /pacific (same player renamed)
    • Modified /shaix property teleport command to /kritical (different player reclaimed)
    • Fixed spelling mistake on /donorhangout command usage by non donators
    • Fixed bug with /gpod as it displayed wrong formatted message
    • Fixed bug with /globalblock admin command (it previously blocked the target player from themself)

    Changes since 4.7.5 - November 2018
    • Added time details for last in-game private message (/lpm)
    • Modified /lpm to show input box for quick reply (like /r)
    • Fixed spelling mistake on /propertyhelp command which shows wrong /properties page number
    • Fixed spelling mistake on /driftvehicles (Emperor and Savanna)
    • Updated /driftvehicles dialog to allow player spawns the vehicle directly from the list
    • Updated /venera property teleport command to /mishell (same player renamed)
    • Fixed a bug with Siege/AD checkpoint capture alert annoying sound that did not stop
    • Fixed bug with Fallout objects previously left the object markings on the id when unloaded (or a Sumo marker attaching to invalid vehicle), causing wrong streamed objects to fall down as if they were fallout
    • Updated /spendcookie command to a neat dialog list
    • Fixed a bug where a muted player could get unmuted after registration
    • Fixed a bug where a player that was unmuted from IRC receives mute-evade punishment after rejoining the server
    • Modified duel start condition so it clears both players animation before countdown
    • Updated donator status time, the remaining days will now in effect once you join the server, all existing donators were given extra 30 days period status
    • Added Cane as a spawn weapon in /spendcookies for donator (cost a cookie)
    • Updated /setdeathmessage to be usable by Donators (an orange chat-bubble shown after death)
    • Added /donorhangout to teleport Donator to a donator's hang-out in World Of Coq Restaurant Interior (note: does not prohibit anyone else from coming in other way)
    • Added /gpod trusted player command to show details of a player object settings (such as model, offsets, angles)
    • Added /somsd admin command to set streamed objects stream distance around them with specified model id
    • Modified /gsod admin command to show more details of streamed object
    • Updated /movingobjectlist admin command to appear in a dialog list
    • Updated /daso admin command confirmation with more emphasized message (PLEASE BE MORE CAREFUL)
    • Added admin notify message for IRC !gametext usage
    • Added /nrrz admin command to display warning to player(s) about using rocket in red spawnzone
    • Added notice message on admin /rev command about respawning all vehicles when there is an active race
    • Added notice message on admin /sethealth command if they use it on players having god-mode enabled by the server
    • Added /naughty admin command to permanently mark player as "naughty", this will disables a player from features such as joining and taking Hidden Pickup (GOO), joining race, using /de, changing label, using /hit, using /jp, joining /event, using /spec, etc
    • Added /globalblock admin command to temporary put a player in a /block from every another online players
    • Fixed /seteventscore admin command handle when the target player is not valid

    Changes since 4.7.4 - August 2018
    • Removed 16 non working /radio links, added 2 new radios suggested by Pirate
    • Added 2 actors as replacement to old Party Dance NPCs (in /danceparty)
    • Added /giveflowers command, allows a player holding /flowers to give it to another player
    • Added a warning message when player drive-by was done in spawn area
    • Fixed PvP status when player is in a race
    • Updated some action animation commands to prevent it being used in Activities
    • Fixed spelling mistake of in-game time spent in /track command
    • Fixed spelling mistake on /spec warning message (about spectating and killing the player)
    • Fixed a bug where animations could not be used after a race (related PvP status)
    • Fixed a bug that previously possible for player to have holding objects in challenge
    • Updated join race command to prevent holding objects being used in race
    • Updated chase to remove players holding objects
    • Fixed spelling mistakes on /startchase /forceleavechase /chasehelp command usage
    • Fixed a bug causing NPC to reply PM from another NPC
    • Added back /ski just for reference
    • Updated activity textdraw to not display admin joins
    • Added /givekiss admin command, similar to /giveflowers but give kisses animation
    • Added /setskin admin command to set another player's /skin
    • Fixed /reconnect admin command which caused the player stuck in the server
    • Improved /crash admin command for alternative crashing method (useful to handle bot hackers)

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  • #2
    My account [X]oenY still banned :/


    • Nate
      Nate commented
      Editing a comment
      Unbanned now

  • #3
    This is very good updates , can i get a teleport command to my prop ?!


    • Robo_N1X
      Robo_N1X commented
      Editing a comment
      This statement is already pointed long time ago in a topic which can be found on TP forums.

      Your previous pick for propety was the LV Casino, which is /gc1 THIS ALREADY HAVE TELEPORT THAT WILL NOT BE RENAMED.
      Then you moved again to SPRUNK's house, a property named for old admin, WE WILL NOT CREATE NEW TELEPORT, We just rename it. However since you continuously moving to another a property (or continuously changing names), it is not acceptable to get rename.

      If you refer the update changelog, those changes are FOR EXISTING PROPERTY TELEPORT THAT GET RENAMED, not a NEW one. The players have informed us to get it updated, while you did not.

  • #4
    Honestly the best update had in this year, good work! That was great about those changes in events.


    • #5
      For me tbh this is the best update. Keep doing the great work Nate and I agree with Krrish , This Color Match event is too awesome. Hope we will keep having the Great Updates


      • #6
        I don't know if i should post this, but will the teleport to my property be changed? it's currently /daan I want it to be /Zanturno


        • #7
          Well Robo_N1X , my property got replaced with paige's house , and the teleport is /paige so i'm asking to rename it that's all


          • #8
            Keep up the good work Nate.


            • #9
              I guess am still ?


              • #10
                THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!


                • #11
                  thankhu guys for your hard work


                  • #12
                    Great Updates, good work!


                    • #13
                      good updates .


                      • #14
                        Good work and thanks for giving us this update, keep it up!


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