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GamerX v4.8.3 .... .8.2, .8.1, .8.0, .7.9, 7.8

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  • GamerX v4.8.3 .... .8.2, .8.1, .8.0, .7.9, 7.8

    Important: Please update your SA-MP client to 0.3.7-R3 which you can download at
    If you already have 0.3.DL-R1 client installed, you are good to go, NO need to downgrade to the previous version, you can join the server with it.
    The client update contains various bug fixes and improvement.
    GamerX Changelog (Server Restarted 2nd April 2019)

    4.8.3 - 31st March 2019

    it has 8 boxes per page, includes a +4 extra server textdraw (from 37 to 41)

    Click image for larger version  Name:	modelmenu.png Views:	2 Size:	182.3 KB ID:	205755

    /vehicles (or /v)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	image_5380.png
Views:	1
Size:	113.2 KB
ID:	205759
    • Fixed bug where static vehicle /unlock gets locked again
    • Improved & optimized /paint command. Now you do not need to write 2nd paint id if you want it same as 1st paint
    • Improved & optimized /mypaint command. Now you do not need to write 2nd paint id if you want it same as 1st paint
    • Updated /phelp to tell you the 2nd paint parameter is now optional
    • Added missing weapon name "countryrifle" in weapon name parameters
    • Improved & optimized /givegunradius, /setlmsweapons, /setdmweapons, /setctfweapons, /setsiegeweapons, /setchallengeweapon now accept weapon name, id, or the object id
    • /givegunradius /givegun with custom ammo (except melee)
    • Optimized /setpropertyearnings /setpropertycost /setpropertyname /setshowerobject commands
    • Fixed bug with /asotv offsets message line displayed twice in some admin notify level
    • /globalblock can be reverted now
    • Corrected some command usage spelling mistakes

    • /setplayerobjecttext
      • only {n} is allowed for formatting new line
      • is not saved (/spos)/ convertible (/campotso)/ shareable (/rpo) for now
    Click image for larger version  Name:	spot.png Views:	2 Size:	217.3 KB ID:	205760
    • /cpo for admins
      • contains invalid object models, so the page & item count is not accurate
    Click image for larger version  Name:	omodelmenu.png Views:	2 Size:	167.8 KB ID:	205758
    • Tried to fix a wrong passenger interior when the vehicle exited mod shop (does not always work due to sync issue)

    IRC 4.0.8 - March 2019
    • Improved formatting on /givegun and /fe now shows ammo & weapon name correctly
    • Corrected formatting on /givegunradius
    • Added /block and /unblock to echo
    • Added /ignore to echo
    • Added /globalblock to echo
    • Main echo channel no longer shows sensitive info like IP address (please report if you find more)
    4.8.2 - 29th March 2019
    Server upgraded! Compatibility added! Please update your client to 0.3.7 R3 or if you already have 0.3.DL R1 you do not need to downgrade!
    • Changed /jordi to /tranuy (or /tran)
    • Changed /zyplox to /nikola
    • Changed /antonio to /tod
    • Changed /jordan to /hoock
    • Changed /muaaz to /blackyburn
    • Renamed /kritical to /teddy
    • Added /yoven as alternative command to /mall
    • Added /saloun as alternative command to /gs1
    • Added /hitsound as alternative command to /ths
    • Added /spectate as alternative command to /spec
    • Added /rpg as alternative command to /rocket
    • Added /smcc as alternative command to /setmycustomcolour
    • Added happy hour status in /happyhourinfo (/hhh)
    • Updated /sml to prevent players using "trusted" (case insensitive) and non admin using "admin" in their label text
    • Added /getstreamedobjecttext
    • Improved and optimized /setunbuyabletime. Maximum time can be set is 300 minutes
    • Fixed streamed object text font name saving (it was not saving font name that has space)
    • Improved /vmodes so it shows the settings value for the vehicle mode
    • Updated /pnetstats to show a player that uses compatibility mode
    • Fixed security issue with saving Derby Name, LMS Name, DM Name, CTF Name, Siege Name,
    • Improved & optimized /givegun now accept weapon name, id, or the object id, and custom ammo for all weapon
    • /setlmsweapons /setdmweapons, /setctfweapons, /setsiegeweapons, /setchallengeweaponnow will error when admin specified an invalid weapon id
    • Idiot alert is now added to any kind of gun drive by (not just tec9), including vortex/rustler
    • Global block setting is now saved (if player is registered)

    4.8.1 - 11th February 2019
    • Changed /gabie to /gangsterzz
    • Auto remove anti spawn kill on gun shoot (CTF & DM & Siege)
    • Fixed vehicle collision that gets enabled in a road trip when there is active race or admin forced to end race
    • Updated /lcp if you are on start or second checkpoint, you return to the start checkpoint (it was not allowed before)
    • Added /L 1 /L 2 /L 3 in /stunts2 as suggested by @Nate
    • Fixed /stunt teleport not able to boost the vehicle (it boosts the player instead)
    • Updated /setradio and /sml (more checks) command to prevent players using invalid characters as it will cause security issue with database
    • Fixed player spawning with cigar when a chase is finished
    • Updated /rocket /sniper /flamer /grenade to require amount of cookies/cakes/biscuits/icecreams to spend. For admin, it is amount of ammo (optional). Also added limit to if they try to get more ammo over 10000
    • /setspawnlocation can be now toggled on/off with /togglecustomspawnlocation (/tcsl)
    • Improved & optimized /gotoloc to allow zero values & coordinates separated by comma or semicolon (Z and Interior is now optional). Offset limit is now bound to 20k instead of 9999
    • Fixed if an admin canceled to load bloodring, they will get error that someone else is trying to load the derby/bloodring
    • Fixed & added a warning when an admin tries to edit a stunt (it was causing bad save)
    • Fixed corrupted boost settings when building stunt
    • Fixed /setstuntteleport command not saving velocity settings properly
    • Added error handle on build/edit stunt command to prevent corrupt save
    • Added a hint for admin if they kicked someone for "bugged" to use /reconnect instead
    • Updated /reconnect timing to include player's ping
    • Fixed race load file... the vehicle model was set to default (infernus) when the race requires Alpha (thanks BreakDown )
    • Added a SAMP Ban reason if someone tried to login with hacked level (it was not noting any reason)
    • Fixed length warning on /dapso /setfirstteamname /setsecondteamname /set<event stuff> /set<challenge stuff> commands
    • Updated /set<event/challenge/stunt>name & /set<event/challenge/stunt>creator & /set<event/challenge/stunt>objectset & /set<event>holdobjects commands to prevent invalid/bad characters as it will cause security issue with database
    • Fixed /cfp to set minimum default ammo on pickup
    • Updated /createbilly & /deletebilly to level 9 (was level 10)
    • Updated /togglepvpchecker command usage to require the first parameter (it was meaningless if every parameter is optional)
    • Fixed & optimized some database query syntax (mostly with event stuff)
    • Optimized class selection category, including a sneak peek for V5 class selection screen style for medic class
    • Optimized most internal memory allocation waste (up to 100 kind of variables)
    • Optimized command parameters part 4
    • Corrected spelling mistakes on some commands

    4.8.0 - 8th February 2019
    • Improved /properties dialog listing (looking neat)
    • Added holding object material color saving & loading
    • Updated /setmyradio /sml command to prevent players using bad characters as it will cause security issue with database
    • Fixed /withdraw to prevent withdrawing negative money (or wrapped amount)
    • Updated /fart /cough /care etc was not properly displaying on IRC echo when the player is muted
    • Updated Colour Match loading to prevent reaching server object limit
    • Updated Colour Match to start showing random/different colors after there are 250 seconds left (50 seconds after start)
    • Updated /deleteobjectset command to prevent admin deleting reserved server files (e.g. logs or property files)
    • Fixed /sss it was not adding file extension if server failed to save.
    • Updated /dpuc command to prevent admin entering invalid characters in file name
    • Fixed /setraceobjects to prevent admins entering a long/invalid object file name
    • Fixed race save file... the vehicle model was set to default (infernus) when the race requires Alpha
    • Optimized some order (not all, due to some useful recursion) of calls (known as "tail call") manually
    • Removed some unused callbacks and symbols
    • Fixed most floating numbers syntax (about 100+ kinds)... E.g. in some command that requires radius now you can enter like 2.5 instead of 2 or 3
    • Fixed blank textdraw placeholder text that would crash to player when shown (but not anymore in new sa-mp version)
    • Optimized server textdraw definitions (around 50 dialogs), removed some useless 2nd dialog buttons where both buttons just closes it
    • Optimized lengthy text definitions (especially dialog texts that uses random length instead exact one)
    • Optimized command parameters part 3 (too many too list)
    • Fixed spelling mistakes, especially about object id ranges (1000 not 500)

    4.7.9 - 3rd February 2019
    • Removed some unused definitions & updated server constants (to be managed easily in future)
    • Updated address to in help messages
    • Updated /discord to use a easy to remember link ( instead of
    • Added auto backup save player object: will save a Donator/TP/Admin player objects when they timeouted by default at minimum 10 objects (not when server crashes/restart/stopped, player kicked/banned. NOTE: Not guaranteed to success at every situtation)
    • Improved Temporary Name changing when a player joins
    • Corrected messages when a joined player gets renamed to temporary name
    • Changed messages that contains game key to show relative to clients settings instead of default one
    • Updated admin login notify message when they newly logged in or auto logged in (it was unclear which)
    • Updated load event procedure to give error to admins when there are no events/event data to load
    • Updated IRC echo "ID" from "555" to "5555"
    • Optimized some command parameters part 4 (too many too list)
    • Added holding object material color setting
    • Fixed a wrongly optimized variable that causes a rare (almost undetected) issue where memory error/leaks to another text and causing some commands stop working (thanks PANZEHIR for telling the /notify bug)
    • Fixed some found spelling mistakes
    • Fixed a bug where /manhunt amount can be set to negative amount of money
    • Fixed wrong time calculation by milliseconds in some command (e.g. connection time in /pnetstats)
    • Updated /setmycustomcolour to show the before & after name color changes as well showing the color code (to remember)

    4.7.8 - January 2019
    • Ported almost everything from a (canceled) V5 dev/0.3.DL test server... The changes were almost not noticeable while the comparison is huge and therefore impossible for me to review every changes between the versions, it contains bug & security fixes for database & file handle error checking, as well optimization & syntax clean up
    • Fixed teleport command notify /declan and /lina
    • Changed /marlowe to /amazingguy
    • Changed /daan to /zanturno
    • Changed /paige to /pikcahou
    • Fixed bug with wrong teleport point to /t10
    • Removed duplicated /thtt message line
    • Removed duplicated /et teleport point
    • Removed duplicated /ett teleport point
    • Fixed issue with colour match object conflicting with other streamed object
    • Status display is now enabled by default on server start
    • Fixed wrong countings of initializations when server start
    • Added a code to unmute logging in player when there is database error occured (i.e. registration disabled)
    • Added internal check when player enters an invalid vehicle
    • Fixed animations command being unknown when player finished race
    • Added internal check for /daso confirmation dialog when not used by an admin or the objects already deleted
    • Added internal file check for database query error reporting
    • Fixed almost all dialog text messages for necessary message length
    • Fixed race commands for race name to use correct limit (please report if you find issue)
    • Fixed bug where player joined with name started with numbers still see their old name instead of new TempName (note: excluding players who join under GXTempName with different id)
    Note: There might be some changes i have not able to publish here, pardon my english!

    Have questions? Let us know, Enjoy!.
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