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GamerX v.4.8.4

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  • GamerX v.4.8.4

    This version was deployed on 8th April 2019
    • Your /setplayerobjecttext settings can be now shared (/rpo /lpo /fpo) and converted (/cpotso /capotso /campotso) to streamed object (for admins) or vice versa.
    • Updated /removeplayerobjectmaterial (/rpom or /rpoma) and /removeallplayerobjectmaterial (/rapom) to allow you remove object material text
    • Updated /duplicateplayerobject (/dupo) to also allow you duplicating objects with material text
    • Updated /getplayerobjectmaterial (/gpom) to allow you view current object material text settings
    • NOTE: Your object text settings can not be saved YET, and if you try to use /cpom or /capom (copy object materials), the text settings will be deleted
    • Fixed wrong optional specifier for material color parameters on /spoma /ssoma and /mho
    • Fixed object looping IDs from 0 instead of 1, up to 999 instead of 998 (Object IDs range are 1 to 999)
    • Fixed preview model menu selection bug that allows player to spawn or change skin in some wrong situations (e.g. in race, minigame, duels, pvp)
    • Updated model menu selection to auto close when there is another dialog showing
    • Fixed /chase and /challenge command from being usable when player is in PvP
    • Optimized command parameters (mostly admin commands): /pm /report /cga /cgp /cap /givecookie /spoofme /sethealth
    • Improved /setspawnweapon to use new weapon name / id / model id syntax
    • Updated /freeze /unfreeze and /setscore for silent usage
    • Updated /setdonator to be more verbose
    • Blacklisted kick message is now omit from public (due to advertiser)
    • Fixed some found spelling mistakes
    Also if you still have not updated your client to SA-MP 0.3.7-R3 please do so! It's a recommended fix. You are good to go if you already have 0.3.DL-R1 version. Visit

    Another news...
    We did fixes and updates with website, and if you have noticed that black blank video thumbnail is no longer an issue...
    Our forums are now running in secure connection (HTTPS), from now on or will be forced to https://... Be sure you use the latest stable version of modern browsers to avoid issues.
    Our website (homepage) is also using this, but you are not forced to (YOU SHOULD).
    And ugh, if you are still that person using Internet Explorer 6 or old Android default browsers, you can still browse normally here under http (but sadly logins will not likely to work!).

    Have questions, or issues? Please let us know.

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    You can now use ''fakeouka, flip a coin!'' and fakeouka will randomly chose heads or tails!

    You can also use ''fakeouka give me random numbers!'' and she will give a number from 0 - 100.



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      Keep up the good work Robo


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