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  • Forum Update v5.5.4

    Welcome back!

    Since 8th October, we have updated (reinstalled) the GamerX forums to the latest vBulletin v5.5.4 Patch Level 2.

    The website went down on 26th September. As some of you guys might already know (or by the forum notice above), this was done due to a serious security issue. Fortunately the impact was minimal and i have mitigated it.

    If you have no idea or never heard about that, it is recommended that you change your forum password, especially in another sites that you used the same password.
    Note that this forum account password is securely hashed, NOT stored in plain text, and NOT human readable. Do not give your password to anyone (including admins)! But it's better you change it if you are too paranoid.

    I apologize for very long delay. Due to most compatibility breaking changes with our website, it took me very long to review and validate the whole web applications to make sure if it's all alright, unfortunately i have limited time.

    The gamerx home page is still under maintenance in order to migrate to the new version, that also means your live signature will be missing until it get fixed.

    Forum new account registration is temporary closed until further notice.
    EDIT: As of 2nd November 2019, registration is now back open!

    We also hope you enjoy the new features on this version of vB5 as well the Dark theme that i temporary enabled for halloween. You may always change it back to default which you can find at the bottom left of forums.

    If you find any issues with the forum please report it as soon as possible! If you have questions regarding this, feel free to post a reply

    Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Thanks for providing the details!
    and specially for the Dark theme Robo!!
    Irajmo zajedno Senorita!!!!

    Very sorry if this is offensive for you but xD


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      Really I'm very excited for coming back forum great update for them It will thanks to inform to everyone for some security thankx RoBo......


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        Well done Robo


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          Forum registration is now back, forum admins please moderate new users...
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            Great Update, Thanks For updating the forums after a long down


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              Good Job Brother! Lets have some party


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