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GamerX v4.9.1 and v4.9.2

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  • GamerX v4.9.1 and v4.9.2

    The November and December updates contains most improvement to admin system, and various bug fixes and optimizations.

    Game Mode Version 4.9.1 was deployed on 24th November 2019

    • Added "Spawn a vehicle..." menu in /vehicles dialog
    • Added command alternatives:
      • /whisper => /cb
      • /label => /sml
      • /sfa => /gasf
      • /lva => /galv
      • /lsa => /gals
    • Added 57 dynamic (streamed) map icons for default GTA:SA locations of Ammu-Nations (11), Burger Shots (10), Cluckin Bells (12), Well Stacked Pizzas (10), Modding Garages or Tuning Shops, Pay n Sprays. I did not add another kind of locations as these are the only shops that players can normally interact with.
    • The following player's property dynamic teleport commands were already added:
      • /JEALOUS
      • /KAZ0KE
      • /KRRISH
      • /MARIUM
      • /NAD
      • /SNICKER
      • /VEYRON
    • Changed behavior with property map icon. Unbuyable properties are now shown in red house (Image:Icon_32.gif), previously only on never-buyable props), and buyable properties are shown in green house (Image:Icon_31.gif).
    • Changes to /panel:
      • Dialog is now shown in tab list, also removed useless colors
      • Dialog item for player color is now showing preview of the player's current color with name
      • Dialog item for skin menu was not working properly (it shows the skin selection and immediately closes it)
    • Changes to Chase:
      • Added vehicle objective on crook (yellow marker above the vehicle)
      • Police vehicle now paints to black (0) and white (1) by default
    • Modified information in post-registration dialog and /help dialog regarding "Not a Team Death Match server" which is no longer true due to Events
    • Report system:
      • Player report is no longer limited (i.e. no longer autokick player from server), but player still have to wait 5 minutes to repeat the report on same player
      • Player can update the same report under 10 seconds

    Other system related
    • Fixed some coding inconsistency
      • Fixed game mode callback returns
    • Fixed some found typos
    • Optimized some codes
      • Optimized several textdraws definitions (/deny /v /skin) that do not need to be set same as default
      • Removed unused streamer callbacks
    • Improvement some codes
      • Added returns to track success/failure of MySQL internal functions
      • Added name change lock, player cannot change name again before it's completely updated in database
      • Improved database code that load default objects on server start
      • Replaced deprecated streamer plugin functions with updated ones
    • Server Messages:
      • Added a tip when player is attempting to change name to a name that they partially already have on their own name
      • Modified /sfm /shm /ssfm to show the actual game keys (based on player's setting) in color
      • Added message upon cancellation of /eho
      • Added message to inform player about mute evasion after they join and get remuted

    Game Mode Version 4.9.2 was deployed on 25th December 2019

    • Added anti passenger drive-by in the red spawn zone
    • Added Fist in /duel (Note: This should not be related to some of existing duel arena on which it is impossible or too easy, in fact it is OK as long both parties agreed by accepting the duel invitation, so do not blame the weapon option. Also a custom duel arena creation system like stunts and challenges is to be planned in future)
    • Added Trusted Player/Donator command /selfie
      • Used to have simple camera angle with two modes right and left (switched when someone toggles it)
      • Cancel by using the same command or when player state changed (i.e. died or entered vehicle)
      • Automatically return to normal camera when /jp is given or /fixcam is used
      • This is not to be abused to exploit various glitch
    • Added color in various server messages mentioning commands (thanks Beer )
    • Rotation
      • Race and Event Rotation now starts at 0 (instead of 999), there can be up to 998 lines in rotations now (previously 500)
      • Race and Event rotation will now only read the line of the next rotation index instead of all lines
      • Event rotation can now properly read long event name (up to 99 characters, previously 31)
    • Updated /rad links (thanks Pirate )
    • Automatically stop audio stream on /rad selection
    • Event
      • Changed "Gray" to "Grey" and "Defense" to "Defence" in event texts
      • Changed sumo 1st map icon to red S (School Image:Icon_36.gif)
      • Fixed event map icons are not updated when countdown starts
    • Chase
      • Added a message to tell the /endchase command if /loadchase is used when a chase is already loaded
      • Added police crime report audio on chase start
      • Changed "Car" to "Vehicle" in chase texts
      • Changed default /startchase start time from 11 seconds to 10 seconds
      • Changed chase crook map icon to blue skull (Loco Image:Icon_23.gif)
      • Replaced chase yellow marker object with original vehicle objective marker (the object was causing some streamer ID bug anyway)
    • Property teleport commands
      • Added /aryan as alternative command to /gs
      • Renamed /azrael to /skreen
      • Renamed /blackid to /biglebomb
      • Replaced /danda with /churre
      • Replaced /nitroz with /pixel
      • Replaced /meisterq with /bazid
      • Replaced /dwayne with /pedro
      • Replaced /marek333 with /deadmouse
      • Removed duplicated teleport /spraky (it is same place as /ernesto)
    • Improved /track information (now is more compact)
    • Changed /getanimation required level to 1+
    • Changed NPC initial vehicle IDs to have actual invalid vehicle ID instead of ID 999 which might be a valid vehicle
    • Changed player objects backup /LPOS message now shows in a new line
    • Removed /kill from remove attached object messages
    Other System related
    • Game Mode text is now "Freeroam,DM,Racing,Stunt,Event" (was DM,Stunts,Racing,Freeroam)
    • A lot optimization with various codes (too many to list here), especially distance calculations resulting up to 15x better performance
    • No more dynamic memory error found on compilation
    • Fixes
      • Property name length from 22 to 23 (was causing Groucho's Desert Market trimmed)
      • Activity Logs textdraw
      • Combat zones only removing holding objects slot 0 to 4
      • /props text for owned buyable properties time is "Now" (was "In 0 mins")
      • /spendcookie showing IRC echo when player has no enough cookies
      • NPC spawn information for team and weapons to none

    Please report bugs in the Bug Reports section.
    Click here to join the server!

    For all players, be sure to update your SA-MP Client to 0.3.7-R4 which you can download on:
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          great update Robo! keep up


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            Great work mate keep it up

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                Great Work! Keep Server Cool Like Always You Did. #Robo_N1X_ARMY


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