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GamerX v4.9.5 and Forum Update

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  • GamerX v4.9.5 and Forum Update

    The following are updates to GamerX gamemode, Forum, and IRC. The fix and update had delay due to server host issue.

    Game Mode Version 4.9.5 was deployed on 21st May 2020

    • For TPs:
      • Updated /getinplayersvehicle to require a /togglegoto
    • Teleport updates:
      • Moved /joseriul and its property to new requested location
      • Updated names:
        • /evil to /medik
        • /bear to /nadin
        • /teddy to /umair
    • Global changes:
      • Added code to attempt fix player re-spawning dead player in challenge (thanks Banging7Grams)
      • Added missing /credits
      • Added code to lock name login and changes to prevent race condition
      • Downgraded streamer plugin to the previous stable (v2.8.2) as the latest version was heavier and giving server tick issue, moving objects should be fine for now
        • Updated /to and /sod to show max visible streamed objects configured per-player (due to /ssvi changes)
      • Updated /gipv to show IRC echo (it will show "admin" for now)
      • Fixed some typos
      • Fixed some command parameter buffer overflow
      • Removed "Channel" text message from IRC !pm
      • Removed some redundant codes

    IRC Bot Backend Admin updates

    The IRC bot for backend stuff has received code update to fix and optimize, nothing has changed with the echo
    Expect a constant IRC bot restart and downtime while I update the bots
    Forum vBulletin updated to version 5.5.6 Patch Level 1

    Due to critical security issue, I had to put the forum down for maintenance update
    For forum Administrators, please immediately change your password (as per notice)

    The IGN profile field will now show in your post
    The forum "announcement" has been deprecated by the vendor and we will soon migrate it to forum "notice"
    Expect further changes to forum features

    For compensation, it is expected that all Admins to focus on supporting players first (in Password Reset Request, Ban Appeals, Reports, Questions and Answers, Name Change Requests) and leave out discussions, suggestions, off-topics or similar topics until 31st May.

    We are sorry for the wait and thank you for the patience!
    Please report bugs in the Bug Reports section.

    Click here to join the server!

    Have fun, and also happy Eid to the Muslims!
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    Happy EID to all my friends! Nice updates bro! Keep it up!


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      Great Update, Keep it up!


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        Thanks for the updates! Keep up the good work


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          Nice updates keep it up

          Gamechanger / Avenger / Gangster / Gamer / Youtuber


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            Gamerx has come a long way and these updates are making game (Y)
            If you do not like a rule follow it reach on top and change it


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