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GamerX v4.9.7 and v4.9.8

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  • GamerX v4.9.7 and v4.9.8

    Maybe not related to halloween at all, these updates are little and I also have not yet posted changelog since 4.9.7...

    Game Mode Version 4.9.8 was deployed on 27th October 2020

    Minigames (suggested by Churre on
    • Added /uzi1 (/micro1 /microuzi1 /microsmg1) for Uzi mini game in warehouse interior (in VW 53)
    • Added /rw1 (/rwarena) for Running Weapon Set (9mm, Sawn-off, Uzi) in warehouse interior (in VW 60)
    • Added /ww1 (/wwarena) for Walking Weapon Set (Deagle, Shotgun, MP5, M4) in warehouse interior (in VW 61)
    • Updated the text in /minigames to include new minigames
    • Added /paintjob (/pj) command to change some vehicle model that can have paintjob from tuning shop (e.g. Camper, Sultan, etc).
    • Updated /gotoloc to allow | separator and made interior optional (uses current interior if omitted)

    Game Mode Version 4.9.7 was deployed on 19th August 2020

    Race related
    • Show race position in /rp (not in order, sorry!)

    Objects related
    • Added /gpot (get player object text) as shortcut to /gpom (get player object material), they are identical
    • Fixed font name length limit from 64 characters to just 31 characters (the correct limit)
    • Removed redundant codes in /spot
    • /panda /mrbean /skin /setskin /selfie can be only used if the player is on foot and not doing any special action (to prevent crash)
    • Added code to prevent /skin of same id to the current player skin
    • Added code to prevent control characters to be entered in /radio URL input
    • Updated /about text to show GamerX birthdate
    • Updated /help text "1500 commands" to "3000 commands"
    • Removed level requirement of /getanim command
    • Fixed /disablegotoalltps command length (causes unknown command error when space is entered)
    Other system related
    • Added code to prevent avoid death in PvP by entering RC-Pot
    • Added code to prevent /cc of RC-Baron into redzone
    • Added code to filter dialog input exploit (no dialogs were vulnerable to the exploit)
    • Fixed IRC messages for various chat echo which was not displaying text in new line (it's now stripped as space)
    • Fixed PUCs with icecream prize was not giving anything, while PUCs with biscuit prize gives both biscuit and icecream instead
    • Fixed spelling mistake and typos (in /leonn /setactoranimation etc)
    • Optimized some codes in some commands (/vmodes /rts /ghos /duho /rho /sho /apuc /puchelp /pimp /pimp2 /sfs /fs /dance /giveflowers /getid /getlevel /lde /tet /event /rev these commands should just work normally as before)
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    Thanks for the objects related updates and the new minigames! Keep up the good work!


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      Thanks For The Update Robo_N1X .


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        Thanks for the update!


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          The update is Great, Thanks Robo_N1X


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            I typed a command in chat and got muted by system
            would you mind If it would be fixed?, the command i typed was /stack
            (the command works correctly, and the antispam/flood system works good. the problem is that it mutes you wrongly when you type this command)

            ps: too lazy to find the section where to report this


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              thanks the robo


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