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SAMP 0.3.7 RC2 Released

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  • SAMP 0.3.7 RC2 Released

    SA-MP 0.3.7 RC2 has been released.

    Read Kalcor's post here for a list of changes:

    Some changes to the available object IDs:
    * 18631 to 19999 (1369 total) reserved for SAMP.IDE (current)
    * 11682 to 12799 (1118 total) reserved for SAMP.IDE (future)
    * 15065 to 15999 (935 total) reserved for CUSTOM.IDE (GamerX Custom IMG File v23 will use these object IDs)

    As for new objects... I have added a lot of stuff to the default SA-MP IMG file:
    * Many objects requested on the SA-MP forum (
    * Replacement walls for the LS Prison with example filterscript (
    * Police visor strobe

    * Police light bar improved

    * New car park for LS Apartments 1 with updated filterscript

    * New car park for LS BeachSide with updated filterscript (

    * Balaclava

    * Added the SF Building from the GamerX Custom IMG file (made some improvements such as updated vertex shading)

    * More extracted GTASA objects

    * Leg of ham

    * Waterfalls and white water

    * Modular House

    We will update our test server very soon with RC2 so you can test things out.

    Update: The test server is now running RC2... it appears on the hosted list. Use the following commands to test or see the new stuff:
    * /SI = Stunt Island (object set and disabled vehicle collisions)
    * /LSBeachSide = New underground car park
    * /LSApartments = New car park
    * /L 100 = Modular Houses
    * /L 200 = Animated River
    * /LSP = LS Prison Walls and Gates

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    Awesome work to Kalcor
    My Youtube Channel

    [10:13:51] <@GX-22> * Admin Hose (ID:51) set their MegaJump Value to 3.0
    [10:37:00] <@GX-28> * Admin Manuel[M4] (ID:78) used Fuck You on Hose (ID:51)


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      oh dayum dem objects are gud


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        Nice work


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          Good Work


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            yo man keepit up


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