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Quick tips to help you advance

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  • Quick tips to help you advance

    • Do not let your elixir reach 10 and wait for your enemy to make a move. This is really inefficient and you're just wasting potential elixir that you could be using to build up an army rush. If your elixir reaches 10 and your enemy still hasn't made a move, just deploy a cheap troop.
    • Use elixir efficiently. Most, if not all troops can be countered with less elixir than they are worth. For instance, a prince can be considerably weakened by four skeletons (1 elixir) and be finished off by goblins (2 elixir) for a total cost of 3 elixir; in this case, the prince is worth 5 elixir and was defeated with 3 elixir (you would gain a 2-elixir advantage over your opponent).
    • Support your troop with a card that can defeat their weakness. For instance, a prince will be weak to swarm troops, so it may be a good idea to deploy a wizard right behind him so that it can take out swarms.
    • Anticipate your enemies' next move. For instance, if you send a prince, you could reasonably expect your enemy to counter it with a swarm; a really good way to counter this is to send arrows right before your enemy deploys a swarm so that it gets taken out without your prince suffering damage. This can be extremely devastating to the opponent.

    Finally, here's a video that explains some troop deployment tricks that can help you gain an advantage over someone who is even higher level than you.

    Spending Gems

    The most efficient way to spend your gems is to just buy gold. When you reach 500 gems, you may purchase 10,000 gold, which you can use to upgrade cards or purchase epics.

    Building your Deck

    You want to build a deck that has the ability to counter most cards effectively and efficiently. Whether you make a deck with defensive towers, heavy troops, cheap troops, or a mix, your deck will ALWAYS have a weakness; all you can do is try to minimize the amount of weaknesses your deck has. You should build a deck that can counter heavy troops, swarm troops, defensive towers and offensive troops. I'll use my current deck as an example.

    My deck consists of heavy troops for hard-to-beat pushes. Its weakness is mainly the fireball, the rocket, and the giant skeleton.
    • PEKKA - this is my main offensive troop; my deck is built around this card. It has high health and very high offensive damage, can be easily be taken down by swarms due to the low attack speed.
    • Three Musketeers - I use this card to support the PEKKA, it's really hard to take down and, behind a PEKKA, can be very destructive. This card is very weak to missiles and fireballs. They will also be destroyed by the giant skeleton bomb.
    • Wizard - I also use this when I am low on elixir to support the PEKKA. Wizards do a great job at defeating swarms.
    • Prince - my secondary offensive troop. Sometimes it's a good idea to hide the fact that I have a PEKKA until the final minute of the game; in the mean time, I will use the prince and the wizard for offence.
    • Minion Horde - this card is very effective in taking out ground troops, and, if it reaches the enemy tower, they can be very devastating if coupled with a freeze spell. Weak to arrows, fireballs, and wizards among other things.
    • Elixir pump - There are multiple reasons I use this card. If protected, it will serve as sort of an elixir bank for a future rush; additionally, it can provide one extra elixir for good measure. If placed strategically in the middle, it can redirect some troops and soak up some damage. My main use is to build up elixir so that I can send out the PEKKA and the Three Musketeers.
    • Freeze Spell - No need to explain much, it freezes everything on its radius.
    • Arrows - kills swarms.

    Finally, you want to build your deck around your strongest cards. Try your best not to add weak cards to it because it will ruin your entire balance.

    Upgrading Cards and Leveling up

    The best idea is to level up your main cards (obviously). Always request the cards you need to be leveled up, and never donate those. Also, do not try to upgrade all your epics; this is a waste of gold and you could focus on two or three main epics and level those up; whenever you see them in the store, purchase one more, slowly you will get them to a very good level.


    Donating is a great way to generate income and experience points. Always donate cards you don't use so you can turn them into coins and XP and help your fellow clan mates.

    P.S. I love donating rare cards because they give 50 coins and 10 XP, so request as many as you want!

    Some final thoughts

    Don't worry if you go on a losing streak. This game is rigged so that you spend money. It is normal to go on a losing streak every once in a while because matchmaking will pair you against people with cards your weak to so that you are forced to spend money to upgrade them. There's no need to give in, just wait for the winning streak and repeat the cycle.

    Try to open as many chests per day as you can. This will increase your chance of getting epics and legendaries. According to Supercell, you can expect to receive one legendary card per month, but that is if you open as many chests as you can.

    Play even if you have all your chest slots full. The chest cycle will not keep counting and practice can never hurt. This way, you can also earn crowns that you can use toward your crown chest.

    I'm sure I missed some things, but this will serve as some basic pointers to help you advance in the game. Hopefully this can benefit everyone in some way.

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