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    Section 1 - Code of Conduct

    The rules in this section are applicable in all of our services.

    1.1 Do not post offensive content on any of our services. Offensive content includes any content likely to offend people based on their race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation

    1.2 Dont flame or insult other players needlessly.

    1.3 Do not advertise other servers.

    1.4 Do not advertise political parties, movements, or pages.

    1.5 Do not provide links to, or discuss illegal content such as pirated games, movies, music, or books.

    1.6 Do not provide links to cheat programs or illegal modifications (see 2.1)

    1.7 Show respect to server admins at all times. This doesn't mean kissing our butts, but we expect you to refrain from abusing us or just generally being annoying to admins.

    1.8 Follow any reasonable requests made by server admins.

    1.9 Do not use offensive or inappropriate nicknames.

    Section 2 - General Server Rules

    The rules listed in this section are applicable in addition to the rules listed in Section 1.

    2.1 Respect other people's creations. Do not grief or steal their items.

    2.2 Do not use any mods that will give you an unfair advantage over other players. (Do not cheat.)

    2.3 Do not abuse glitches to gain an unfair advantage over others or to damage the maps.

    2.4 Do not build 1x1 towers. (Do not stack pointless towers reaching the clouds)

    2.5 Do not build offensive structures.

    2.6 If you wish to build close to someone, make sure you ask them or ask them to join their faction.

    2.7 Do not flood/spam in the chat or use commands to do so.

    2.8 Build close to the spawn at your own risk. We may expand the city and we may have to move/remove buildings close to the area to accommodate the new spawn area.

    Section 3 - Trusted Players

    This section applies to Trusted Players only.
    3.1 Do not abuse godmode (/god).

    Do not teleport to people to annoy them.

    3.3 Do not use /god when playing survival.

    Section 4 - Admins

    This section applies to Admins only.

    4.1 Do not spawn mobs for the purpose to annoy others.

    Abuse of any command will not be tolerated.

    If you want to build in creative, do so in the Creative world.

    4.4 Do not spawn items for others for no reason. (A valid reason could be a scavenger hunt).

    4.5 Do not annoy other players with admin powers.
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    If you PM me (here, on IRC, or in-game), please get straight to the point. A lot of people message me and I would like to get to everyone; but that's difficult if the messages are just "hi".

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