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    What is Faction?
    Faction here is kind of a clan, group with other players, claim a territory, build your base, ally with other factions or declare war with another factions.
    This server is using Faction plugin by MassiveCraft.
    Beside the real use, it can be also used to protect an area as mentioned before. So if you are building a house, you need to create a faction and claim an area in your house to protect it from griefers. To see the commands, just simply type /f help in game.

    Legend in commands:
    <required parameter>
    [optional parameter]
    | means or, i.e. <a|b>
    = means default value, example [faction=you]
    / means boolean, example [yes/no=toggle]

    Creating a Faction
    To create a faction, type /f create <name>
    For example i create the faction with my name so i typed /f create RoboN1X
    Please note that you can only have one faction and you are not a member of any faction!

    Claiming a land
    Once you own a faction, you can start claiming a land, the land size is a chunk or 16x16 blocks, from the bedstone until the sky above (Y level is not limited, NOTE: in minecraft Y is the height, in SA:MP it's Z). You can claim many chunks as you need (correct me if i'm wrong), but please not to create close to others, ask them first if they are fine with it!

    To understand how chunk is used, just type /f sc in game, and you will see smoke lines, this indicates the border of a chunk as you can see in image, please note that i placed glowstone to indicate the corner of the chunk.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	2016-03-13_19.50.40.png Views:	1 Size:	467.6 KB ID:	191431

    When you are finished, type the command again to toggle off the smokes (/f sc). You can also use /f sco to see the chunk with old method in case you are not able to see the smokes, but this makes you lag.
    To see claimed chunks around you, type /f map the backslash '\' indicates the claimed chunk, the negative '-' indicates wilderness (not claimed), and the plus '+' indicates your current position.

    Once you understand with the chunk, continue to claim the land by using /f claim
    There are many methods to claim the land:
    1. One
      This method allows you to claim a single chunk, this is very useful to use with /f sc like image above so you do not claim wrong area but it's not reliable if you want to claim a large area.
      /f claim o
    2. Auto
      This method is probably the best for those who are new to the chunk thing, you just need to enable this method by toggling it on, walk around area that you want to claim and it will be automatically be yours! But please note that it does not mean you only need circle around the area, you also need to walk to the center/inside part of it. Type the command again to toggle it off when you are done.
      /f claim a
    3. Fill
      This method does not work, please do not use it.
    4. Square
      This method allow you to claim a square area in radius, you just need to stand in the center of an area and type the command with the radius of chunks specified, if you used 2 here, that's mean you will claim a 3x3 chunks˛ (not blocks) since your current position where you stand on a chunk is also counted, and so using radius 1 here is equal to single claim chunk. This method is useful when you have a large area to claim.
      /f claim s [radius=1]
    5. Circle
      This method allow you to claim a circle area in radius similar with square method, but a circle of chunks.
      /f claim c [radius=1]

    If you by accidentally claimed a wrong land, you can type /f unclaim with same parameter and method above.
    Please note that you can only claim additional land if it's connected to a land that you have claimed previously, so having an exclave is not possible.

    Managing your Faction
    These are optional steps after you create your faction which is changeable at anytime.

    Placing home teleport
    The next step is to place a home teleport for your faction, so any member of your factions can teleport to your faction base by using /f home. Just stand on a position inside your faction and type /f sethome or /f unsethome to remove it.

    Changing faction name
    You can always change your faction name again by using /f name <newname>.
    Faction name always limited with 3 characters minimum and 16 characters maximum.

    Writing faction description
    You can enter description of your faction, this will show when a player enters your faction area following the name of the faction also for information of your faction inside /f faction. Type /f desc <description> in game to set it.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	image_4848.png
Views:	5
Size:	423.5 KB
ID:	191432

    Changing faction flags
    The flags of the faction are set of variables that behaves on your faction. As a normal player, you can change the following flags:
    • open
      Toggle wether the faction is open for everyone to join, so anyone can be a member of your faction without being invited first, or vice versa.
    • monsters
      Toggle wether the monsters can spawn in your factions land, you might want this on if you have an exp farm in your area.
    • animals
      Toggle wether the animals can spawn in your factions land, this does not mean animals you bring to here will despawn.

    The flag variables have values "YES" or "NO"
    Type the following commands to manage the faction flags:
    /f flag list : display the list of all available flags.
    /f flag set : set the flag of a faction.
    /f flag show : show the flag value of a faction.

    Joining/Leaving a faction
    If you do not have any faction and want to join another's faction, then you can use /f join <factionname>, note that you must be invited first if the faction has flag "open" disabled.
    If you want to exit your current faction, then you can use /f leave, note that if you are the only member in your faction and your faction has flag permanent off, your faction will be automatically deleted.

    That's the basic for now, i'm going to edit this topic later to add more commands guide.
    To view more commands description, look at the official documentation here:
    More other commands (non factions) can be found here:
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