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  • World Edit Tutorial

    World Edit is a plugin that makes building job easier, you can build walls instantly with it by using its commands that I will list after, instead of building block by block and waste hours just building a wall.

    This plugin works for OPs only, but I'm making this tutorial in case if you want to train on your server or in single player.

    90 percent of World Edit commands are followed by double slashes '//', I won't show all of them here since most of them are useless and/or not for use, I am only listing the common and the useful ones.

    This command will give you the wooden axe, wooden axes are one of World Edit tools, and wooden axes can allow you to set 2 regions by right clicking on the first region then left clicking on the second region and follow it by another World Edit command

    After you set the 2 regions (by //wand) you can know use this command to build either a cube, rectangle or a flat thing, after you write the command you write which block you want to use, for example //set 1, now the regions I have set will be stone, as the ID of stone is 1.
    Also you can mix 2 or more blocks in it, for example I want my region to have stone, dirt and grass, I will simply write //set 1,dirt,grass (Works with all other World Edit commands)
    If you want to make the exact amount of mixed blocks, you can add percentage to it, for example //set 20%1,50%dirt,30%grass. (Works with all other World Edit commands)
    WARNING: Always make sure to check your regions, if you select a huge ass region (In case if you forget 1 of the previous regions), you gonna crash the server so check it then use //set.

    /br & /brush
    Both commands have the same use, it is just a short cut, however this command is useful if you want to make caves or texture areas, it has other use but less used, let's only stay within the limits and not get into some complicated things.
    So after you do /br, you write whether you like, a cylinder or a sphere etcetera, then follow it by the block IDs (Just like I showed earlier), then right click with your mouse and you will see some magic.
    Note that the max size you can do with brush is 5.

    This copies the region you selected, make sure to check the position you are at, player position plays an important role in this command, Be aware that it stores your position relative to the selection when copying.
    Also this //copy leaves the copied region, it doesn't make it disappear.
    If you want to copy a specified block, use //copy -m ID, for example I want to copy stone (ID 1), I will simply use //copy -m 1, -m means mask, so it masks the block you want to copy.

    Same as //copy, but doesn't leave the selected region built, but it rebuilds it somewhere if you //paste it.

    Now we reached //paste section, this command pastes the region you've copied earlier, but be aware, it copies the air as well so it might ruin the nearby structures if the section is big.
    I prefer for you guys to use //paste -a to paste without the air, so when pasting something, it wont ruin the nearby things, also it doesn't require a lot of ram as you reduced the blocks (Air is counted as block in World Edit)

    This command is useful with /br, for example if you want to paint something, let's paint the stone to be sand, you use //mask 1 (Now you masked the stone) and then use /brush command as I taught you before

    This command is useful when copying something, it flips the clipboard to where you look at, if you look at the sky and then //flip, you will flip the clipboard upside down, etc...

    Rotates the copied build, make sure to follow the command with the degrees so you can rotate it.
    NOTE: Minecraft is a cubic game, so 90, 0, 180 and 270 are cool, you can use other numbers but will ruin your build, it's just minecraft.

    //schem - //schematic
    You can either save, load or delete a copied region, to save something make sure to //copy first, then use //scheme save [NAME], to load simply use //scheme load [NAME] then //paste

    //undo - //redo
    If you mistakenly built something you didn't wanna see, or mistakenly cleared something, you can use //undo and delete what you've done, and //redo to undo the //undo XD

    //re - //replace & //replacenear
    After you select a region and wanted to replace a block to another block, you can simply use //re <from ID(s)> <to ID(s)>, //replacenear does the same work, but without setting a region, you simply set the radius instead of the region

    This kills all the mobs and drops; they are counted as entities, so with other words, it clears ALL the entities.

    There are shit tons of other commands, but the most common and used ones are listed in here, the others with rare use aren't mentioned.

    Thanks for reading
    If you want to something to add / delete msg me on irc


    EDIT: This is a copy from the thread I made in the admin section, I realized that everybody should know as well.
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