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  • [NOT BUG] /ignore bug


    bug is from the new feature added that is /ignore.. The bug happens when you use /ignore to ignore any player, you still can see their messages If you are on team chat (/teams)

    I don't know If that also happens on events team chat, but at the moment, I know it happens on /teams chat

    Here's a picture, I was lazy to cut the picture, just look at the chat. (Thanks to Shapeless for helping me on trying to find any bug of this new feature)

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    just to mention ,,

    it happens with clan chat too


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      It isn't a bug, i guess you haven't read the changelog properly, it just apply to chat text, /me /me2 and the nearby chatbubble message.

      But once you are in a team or a clan, or event team chat... you are in that team, that's not something you should ignore as you use it to communicate to teammates to make your team win. That's something to control by the team or the clan. If you are being annoyed in team, simply leave that team or don't pay attention on it. We don't want to turn a team event chat into spam place when the players in a team ignores each other (i.e. keep telling because they think their teammate is not listening).

      The same, it doesn't apply on admin chat/tp chat... it will just look silly if you fight/insult within that chat area, you'd get muted anyway, even if we found offensive conversation in team/clan chat.
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