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GamerX Last Man On Roof Event 2017

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  • GamerX Last Man On Roof Event 2017


    Hi Everyone, So i am Organizing an event Last Man on Roof with some help of my friends.
    The Event is pretty Simple and of course its free for everyone to join. We have some Prizes as Cookies, Cakes, IceCreams (of game).

    How it's gonna work
    The Event is based on two teams, one is pilot and other is runners. The role of Pilots is to hit the runners using there planes. The role of Runners to Dodge the incoming planes to stay alive. The event will continue till the last runner is dead. The last 3 Runners will get awarded ,all players in the pilots team will get rewarded and the best pilot will get rewarded with the other prize.
    And the damn thing is to Follow all the Rules!!
    20 players Max. 5 players max in Pilot Team and 15 players max in Runners Team

    Pilot of the Event Gets
    1st Prize: 2k ice-creams ,2k cakes and 2k cookies

    Last Player Gets
    2.5k ice-creams ,2.5k cakes and 2.5k cookies

    Remaining Players Gets

    Each Player in the event gets 50 cookies ,50 cakes and 50 ice-creams

    How to Join?

    In-Game Name-
    Time Spent in-game-
    Time Zone- (optional)
    Flying Skills(if u want to be in pilot team)-

    Runner's skins: /skin 21 ,24 ,25 ,29 ,169 ,12 ,56 ,85
    Pilot's Skins: /skin 255 ,253 ,216 ,215

    Plane for Pilots
    /v Rustler


    * Your Set , Secondary Fire mode must be set to do nothing (/sfm > DO Nothing , /ssfm DO Nothing)
    * Your Jump boostmust be off (/shm > Do Nothing)
    * Pilots are not allowed to Blow their Planes on Runners (don't worry you get /af on for ur planes)
    * Players are not allowed to use any teleport command or /jetpack cmd
    * Runners not allowed to use /healme command
    * Runners are not allowed to push Players or hit them and make them fall down.
    * Pilots are not allowed to use /90 or /180 command in the event
    * more rules will be added soon
    * Pilots will respawned if they died somewhere
    *Pilots are not allowed to use the Guns of the Planes (Rustler) and shoot the Runners



    and counting......

    Pilots Runners
    Krrish[AK] AntMan[AK]
    ScaryGhost[M4] Churre
    Bengi[M4] Dodo[S]
    [ATM]Luka Kakashi_99
    GEDO Veyron[AK]
    Full Yoven[AK]
    Full Tod
    Full Calamity
    Full .Shahzaib.
    FULL $ailesh.
    FULL Sprinkle
    FULL NeuroX
    FULL ┬*
    FULL ┬*

    Time For 29th of July

    Countdown Timer ClickHere!
    if the event gets postponed we will let u know

    San Andreas (will be held in a virtual world)

    Pilots: Las Vegas Airport (/galv)
    Runners: /lpos lmrevents


    *Special Thanks to Vishwas for the Logo
    * Thanks To Robo_N1X for understanding the use of Calendar
    *Thanks to Nancy for Posting PTP event as I used that post to host this event so Credits

    Have a Great day
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    [18:07:20] <Jasmeet> (38) lol hes admin hes cashewz hes pro

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    Sounds looking good. Nice presentation!


    In-Game Name- Krrish[AK]
    Time Spent in-game- 890-900 hours.
    Time Zone- (optional) GMT +5
    Team- Pilot
    Flying Skills(if u want to be in pilot team)- 8/10.
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      In-Game Name: ScaryGhost[M4]
      Time Spent in-game: 7 weeks, 0 days, 10 hours
      Time Zone: GMT +5
      Team: Pilot
      Flying Skills(if u want to be in pilot team): 10/10
      I have good skills in pilotting, expecially in rustler.

      Have some questions.
      Pilot of the Event Gets...
      Each pilot will get the same reward, right? Because pilots can't lose since when they'll die, they'll be respawned.

      And how the runners will win? I mean there is no timing so???
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        i have some question: How you will decide the best player in each categorie?
        Example : The winner from runners is the last player standing?
        and the winner from planes is the player who most eliminated runners?

        if yes, u will need more judges to take note of each plane to view who most eliminated the runners


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          In-Game Name- Veyron[AK]
          Time Spent in-game-315H
          Time Zone- (optional)GMT +2


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            looks good but what is the time limit for the event ?
            In-Game Name- Kakashi_99
            Time Spent in-game- 340 H
            Time Zone- (optional) GMT +2
            Team- Runners


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              In-Game Name- Bengi[M4] / TwentySix[M4]
              Time Spent in-game- 411 hours
              Time Zone- gmt -3
              Team- pilot
              Flying Skills(if u want to be in pilot team)- 9/10


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                Awesome event and introduction! Good luck!

                In-GameName- Dodo[S]
                Time Spent in-game- +960 Hour
                Time Zone- (optional) GMT +2
                Team- Runners
                Flying Skills(if u want to be in pilot team)-
                "I'm still playing the game, having a great time."

                Jason Giambi


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                  In-Game Name-Antman[Ak]
                  Time Spent in-game-750+
                  Time Zone- (optional)indian
                  Team- Runner
                  Flying Skills(if u want to be in pilot team)-


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                    In-Game Name-[ATM]Luka
                    Time Spent in-game-380+
                    Time Zone- (optional)GMT+2
                    Flying Skills(if u want to be in pilot team)-8/10 probably

                    "Stop wasting your time lighting candles in the wind."


                    • #11
                      In-Game Name- GEDO[S]
                      Time Spent in-game- 300 hours
                      Time Zone- (optional) GMT +2
                      Team- pilot
                      Flying Skills(if u want to be in pilot team)- 10/10


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                        In-Game Name- Churre
                        Time Spent in-game- 1427 hours
                        Time Zone- (optional) UTC -5
                        Team- Runners


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                          There is a Little change in the Plan ,The event will be held on 29th of July Instead of 28th of July Due to some reasons.
                          Timing will be same The New Date Countdown is Update in the man Post You can also Check it
                          If you want any Help or any Query Regarding the event just PM me in-game , Discord or in The Forums itself Thanks

                          Ps: I need some admins that can help me judge and organize the event in a wonderful way
                          [18:07:09] <.Crus> (19) report 39 aimbot plz admins ee
                          [18:07:20] <Jasmeet> (38) lol hes admin hes cashewz hes pro


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                            In-Game Tod
                            Time Spent 1594 hours
                            Time Zone- UTC -6
                            Mata kondo da..


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                              In-game name: Yoven[AK]
                              Time spent in-game: 1080 hours
                              Time zone:GMT +4
                              Team: Runners


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