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A Special, Real Life Based, Road Trip

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  • A Special, Real Life Based, Road Trip


    I am here to announce an Event...

    Event is, Road Trip.

    A formal Road Trip, where everyone will go in a line, without overtaking / overspeeding.

    So, the journey will start from Gant Bridge ( below the bridge, near Jizzy's Club, outside the parking lot ), we will group there itself, we will go around and across the map, which will take about 1 ( one ) hour and the end point is ____ . Cookies maybe given during the Road Trip, but, no Goos. Because, the Road Trip will be based in Real Life.

    So, you might be asking on which speed should we go, so answer is that we will go in normal speed, that is:

    Highways: 3rd Gear | Outer City: 3rd Gear | Inner City ( 4 lanes ): 2nd Gear | Inner City ( 2 lanes or 1 lane ): 2nd Gear | Offroad: 2nd Gear

    We don't have Speedometer, so, we will go by gears...

    But, some cars have difference between Gears, so these are some of the following Cars, Alowwed in the Road Trip.


    Sport Cars:

    Buffalo | Cheetah | Comet | Alpha | Euros | Phoenix

    All Tuners Alowwed ( Cars able to /pimp )

    All Sedans / Station Wagons Allowed ( four door cars )

    All Coupes / Hatchbacks / Convertibles Allowed

    NOT Alowwed:

    All Public Services / Government Cars

    Novelty Cars ( like Dune, Caddy , Journey, etcetra.. )

    Infernus, Super GT, Bullet, Turismo, are not allowed, SORRY!

    If you accept everything, you can join, sent your required details here, post a Visitor Message to me or send it In-Game.

    Send your Details in this Format...

    Name In Game:
    Vehicle you will use:
    Country : ( so that i can tell the Time Zone, Optional )
    Level: ( Trusted Player, Admin or Donator or Normal )
    Will you Live Stream? : Yes / No
    Score In Game: ( to know the experience you have )

    After this Date; 4 / 10 / 2018 ; Registraion will be over, after this you will be no longer allowed in Road Trip.

    At this date; 6 / 10 / 2018 ; The Road Trip will start, Around 8 : 00 or 8 : 45 PM ( Indian Standard Time, name your country, and I shall give you the Time Zone, don't worry, your country name will be hidden ) you should be present near the starting location given, we will group.

    In order to go in a line, I, will discuss it to where the player place is, whether 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Places will be given at this day; 5 / 10 / 2018 ; .


    1) Player should come in a Formal Vehicle as given above,
    which vehicles are allowed, if came in the vehicle which is
    NOT allowed, he will be Out.
    2) No one will join when the Road Trip will start.
    3) Keep your Bottles, Eatables near you, if you feel tired, or
    want to go to Toilet, A Break will be given.
    4) Vehicle can be Tuned, Nitros are NOT Alowwed.

    That's It, anyone can join, but will need to tell thier details, without details, no one can enter.

    Extra Information will be given later...

    Kahndah Batata!

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    Name In Game: BlackyBurn
    Vehicle you will use:Buffalo
    Country : ( so that i can tell the Time Zone, Optional ) Pakistan.
    Level: ( Trusted Player, Admin or Donator or Normal ) Donator.
    Will you Live Stream? : Yes / No : Nope...
    Score In Game: ( to know the experience you have ) 7k+


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    I am here again, talking, regarding for the Upcoming Road Trip Event...

    So, First of all, Please Read the Road Trip Event in the Event Section in the Forums...

    As, there are lack of players and I have found only some Players ready to join the Event. So, I have decided that the Registration to Join the Event, is quite Personal as many Players said, I don't know why, So, Registration to join the Event has been abolished.

    If Registration to Join the Event has been abolished, it doesn't mean that the Event will be no longer, Event will be still played, Using the Same Rules, No Overtaking, Over-Speeding and using the Only Available Cars, Sorry to say that Infernus Isn't Allowed....

    So, I wanted to ask also that.... Who can be the Road Trip Leader? I don't want to be because I will just group them. The one who wants to be the Road Trip Leader, Information will be given, Like, The Route we will go, Breaks and the speed.

    Also, I will also let ya'll know the Positions, where, who will be the First and the Second...

    1} First Car: Road Trip Leader + Admin + Trusted Player
    2} Second Car: Normal Player + Admin / Trusted Player
    3} Third Car: Normal Player + -
    4} Fourth Car: Normal Player + -
    5} Fifth Car: Normal Player + -
    6} Sixth Car: ( All from the First )
    7} And On
    8} And On
    9} And On
    10} Admin + Trusted Player / Live Streamer
    11} And so, On and On

    So, Registration is Free, Places are Given and the Question is Asked, I hope the Event will be a great Significance for the Road Trip Lovers...

    Kahndah Batata!


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