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  • i banned

    i would like to ask why am i banned from irc chat - please inform which is chat forum for pakistan gammers i am banned from gamerz chat aswell why - i have registerd myself - which extra details i am required to give here

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    well i am not a junior player . i have been playing one year in 2013 - strygry , sparky, bilal , are well aware i had been streaming the readio as welll


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      Don't worry, you haven't done anything wrong.


      Did you just tried to connect IRC from the link on the top of this forum navigation menu which brought you to this page address below?:
      And then you get something like this once you are in:
      Unfortunately, Mibbit IRC client is banned from #gamerx channel at the moment due to abusive user/spammer.
      So please use another IRC clients such as mIRC, KVIRC, or another IRC clients that you can download/use.

      Please note that if you are banned from IRC.TL network (i.e. does not even allow you to connect), we are not responsible for it:
      If you have tried to use another client but still not able to join the channel then you may post a ban appeal. Also feel free to ask question to available Admins if you are still not sure what to do.
      As it says above, this happened to stop a player (In this case, Vishwajit) from abusing IRC. It will eventually be lifted. Also, as mentioned above, you can try a different client to access #gamerx.

      Just continue to play IG on the server until Admins decide to lift the ban. Unless you can use another client and it works. I use AndroidIRC and it works fine.



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