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About Muazz's demotion

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  • About Muazz's demotion


    It is the first time that I have to explain to the comunity my choice to demote an admin in GamerX since a lot of rumours are propaged.

    Muazz was a very active admin and as I explained him, activity doesn't make you above the rules and the community spirit.

    Even if I was inactive I still care about GamerX reputation as GamerX represents 12 years of work spent by several guys. By respect for them I can't accept in my admin team someone who doesn't respect 2 of the most experienced admins in GamerX.

    Also, I personally didn't appreciate to receive a message from another SA-MP Server owner asking me why GamerX is trying to hire their scripter. What picture of GamerX does this action renders ?

    I feel very sorry to share these facts with you as it's server management business, but I can't let these rumours go.


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