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  • The Forum Drama

    Alright, Toxic_Ro
    You wanted to talk, here I am

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    Originally posted by Piece_Of_Shit View Post
    Nida Don't bother posting here anymore. These hypocrites are never going to admit their wrongdoings, because "THEY ARE ALWAYS RIGHT", even when they are not.
    You're just wasting your time and energy posting here.

    You can not expect humanity from them because they aren't humans. They let go off their humanity for quite some time. That's why I have failed so far expecting a fair treatment from them.

    It doesn't matter anyways. Delete my post, ban my account. whatever.

    Even when I provide evidences and logs here, nothing is going to change.

    Every thing is a drama in this drama server.

    Hasta La Vista, Hypocritas
    Taken from :

    When I was available to sort all of this, you just tried to avoid me and you even tried to stop Nida from talking to me, now after you saw you just got perm-banned you make a public forum thread to deal with it? Instead of trying to look like a badass smartass in that ban appeal, you could've just tried to sort it out in a polite way with me as you saw I even insisted I wanted to make this right (lots of times in-game too).

    Too late.


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      I didn't do any of the stated above, but yes keep assuming whatever you want. I'm not even going to comment.

      The only reason I made this post is because you're the one wanted to talk.

      Upto you. I don't care anymore.

      and about he just told me I'm perma-banned, I didn't even know there's that...yeah.

      Anyhow. even if I do get unbanned, I won't be coming in that toxic environment of bullies and biased people anyways.

      If you want to talk, talk

      Otherwise, lock the thread

      The choice is yours


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        Why didn't you talk about it when you had the chance? before you got banned? Or while the Ban Appeal? No one is gonna take you seriously after you tell them not to deal with something, and after that you wake up in a bad situation so you have to solve it somehow.

        Originally posted by Piece_Of_Shit View Post
        "didn't do any of the stated above, but yes keep assuming whatever you want. I'm not even going to comment."
        Read my first post's quote, those are your words, no one changed them.

        You just wanted to get some attention here with these posts, now I'm just gonna go ahead and lock this thread as it's useless.
        Go make drama somewhere else ok thanks bye.


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