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How can the playerbase increase?

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  • How can the playerbase increase?

    Just like the title says, how do you think the playerbase can increase? Do you think it's possible or impossible? If so, how? Share your opinions people.

    I recently came back, we know that SA:MP overall is not as popular as it used to be back in the days, it's a huge difference if you compare 2020 to 2010 for example. I still believe that it's not impossible to at least boost up the playerbase a smidge better.

    People might say "Yeah this game is dead, there is no chance to get a bigger playerbase". It's not really true, because people keep coming back to the game regardless of how the activity can be compared now and ten years ago. I came back recently and noticed that we wont reach up over 30-35 players, peak time is usually 20-25 (approximately). I also believe that it's based on three factors;

    - Advertising. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I doubt that the staff has been working on any type of server advertising recently. We keep seeing new players that register every day which is a positive factor, but I still think that we could do way better, how is the server advertising holding up these days? Inform us, let us know what's up.

    - Scripting/Updates, everyone knows that every time a server gets updated with scripts and such in game, people obviously get excited and want to get in game. How often does the server update? What's getting added and what's not? Is there anything missing? Is there any issues?

    - SA:MP Version (0.3dl/0.3.7). I'm almost positive that this also is an important factor even though people might not believe it, but what do you think? Do people skip playing on a certain server just because they're on another version or they dont? Post your thoughts about the whole subject.

    Have in mind that this is not some type of criticism towards the staff. I decided to share this out of curiosity to see what everyone else has to say, lets have a discussion.

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    I think it's impossible.
    The vast majority of SAMP players now are adults and the free time that they (and I) had back in the days is gone.
    Also, new gamers will prefer games with better graphics. (this game was released in 2004)
    SAMP won't die too soon tho.


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