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Crashing on death screen

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  • Crashing on death screen

    It started since i installed windows 10, as i saw on google many people are having same problems, first i had problems with sounds but somehow i fixed that, i do have mods and i replaced all of them once trying to fix this, i even re-installed whole game and still have 1 problem, crashing on death screen.

    It happens on my death when the camera starts going in the air, my screen gets frozen in some point, and happens almost every time, but not every time, first i thought it's fonts.tx or pcfonts.txd cause when ever i started writing something on death it happens, then later it saw it's not cause of that cause i crash no matter what.

    I found a way of "fixing" this by adding "antiwait.cs" in my cleo which respawns you after death i don't take a look at death screen.

    I added that mod yesterday and as soon as i added i PM-ed 6lvl admin Charger... to allow me using it, and he said "i can let you play with it cause of situation but other admins wont probably be happy" which happened right now, i got kicked. I tried talking with them, they started saying i'm lying and stuff.

    My death crashes can be confirmed by many players i am playing with such as Churre and Knob the most.

    As what i saw from google, there is no much of help for this one, but those same admins told me to ask here on forums so here i am.

    I am asking for 2 things where i want your permission on 1 or help on other

    First one is permission to use antiwait.cs and if i ever abuse it in any way ban me

    Second one is helping me fix it.

    I am Senior SA:MP player (i started since late 2006) so please don't ask me stupid questions i probably know more then most of people here (cause i am here very long).


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    My suggestion is to stop using that anti wait.cs and use anti crash instead because it's legal, and you won't have any of that death crash problem.
    People get mad when you treat them how they treat you.


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      Better stop using it and install what Marium told you will it then solve your problems and you will not be anymore kicked.


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        I already have anticrashes.asi and 2 anticras.cs files and it's not helping me

        "Better stop using it and install what Marium told you will it then solve your problems and you will not be anymore kicked."

        I said please without stupid questions or answers, i do understand you need to be helpful on forum but i aint the guy for that, if you don't know what the problem is don't spam the topic please


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          You are not allowed to use such modifications, it gives an advantages in-game, like higher FPS 100+ etc Remove them please.
          Today you got kicked for it.


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            "You are not allowed to use such modifications, it gives an advantages in-game, like higher FPS 100+ etc"

            Well you are wrong, here you go


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              Try to deactivate each modification individually in a way to find out which particular one is causing the crash, in a case of none of them, add a modification to reset/modify the death screen outlook.

              Also people here are just giving advices as to why you shouldn't use crashes cleo or modifying a major gameplay setting.

              2.1 Do not use ANY cheats or game modifications such as CLEO or Parkour. This excludes mods that only affect your own game such as skin mods, hud mods, speedo mods, and vehicle mods. This excludes the GamerX Custom IMG file.
              Anti crash sets your fps beyond the supposed limit which consequently increases your speed and breaks the gameplay, also I wouldn't recommend fast respawning because you'd always have to respawn faster than you should, so get them removed before you may face a ban.


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                I removed the fast respawn as you see in the folder i provided, but admin already banned me before he even gave me a chance to explain something in game, i was co-operative and now i have to deal with unban which is the most boring thing of this game for me. Last thing i said was "The anticrash is for protecting of the opcoders and hackers so when they do "bad" things to server i wont crash" and i said "My FPS is never going above 105" and about 5 sec after it he banned me. Even after i removed the anticrash so i can prove his "weird test" aint true.


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