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  • TheAlkoholik

    I don't know if that's the area where to post my problem but ill post it anyway XD
    So I been off a while cause of my game issue. When I start samp and go to GX server nothing loads but it opens just a Singleplayer does anyone know solution how to fix it?
    Thanks in advance

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    [This should've been posted in questions and answers]

    ​​​​​​Reinstall samp, and check what samp shows in "GTA sa directory" and if it tells the wrong location, change it to where your GTA sa actually is.
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      Download the RIP Version to San Andreas and don't download mods of characters or cars that are not compatible with SAMP


      • Robo_N1X
        Robo_N1X commented
        Editing a comment
        Those versions are not good for SA-MP

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      I recommend that you reinstall SAMP and try to download it from another link.


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        His problem has been fixed already and he played the game yesterday.


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          Get backup of your Gta sa simple mods hudo speedo etc delete(uninstall full sa) and then reinstall sa and ghen install samp get a crash report post it here and refix the issue in the report

          I have experiance for this

          P.s (most important) as everyone who are more intelegent replied up here maiam, jordo, rabo x1n, Nokali Krash refix the spell i am joking the point is remove the skins mods all the skin mods get img editor and install them testing by testing (install one check game install one check game) in example i installed of skin mod desert eagle and then usp it was working but at silented usp my game crashes then remove that mod.

          All of all get backup game in any other disk without any mod or samp to get fresh game always if your game gets currepted.
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